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14 Interesting Ways To Combat Boredom At Work

Worklife Daily_14 Interesting Ways To Combat Boredom At Work

Click to read: 14 Interesting Ways To Combat Boredom At Work

Source: Inventiva

Snippet: Boredom at work is very common. It is always there in a government sector job, where the work pressure is very low. Have you dozed off at work when you had nothing to do? Well, you are not alone, this is common in the workplace especially once you start doing a monotonous work daily.

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In New Normal How Will We Go Back To Work? – Poll

Worklife Daily_In New Normal How Will We Go Back To Work

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Source: Napa-net

Snippet: We may not be exactly sure when we’ll all be returning to the old way of earning a living. But interesting outcomes came out when readers were asked how they thought we’d be going “back” when we do.

One reader commented, “I’m a CEO and we are definitely going back to work in the office environment. Collaboration is 100% better with people physically in the office. Working from home is nice but not a good long term solution for creativity, work environment, employee rapport or growth.”

Another said, “Organizations have learned they do not necessarily have to have employees on site to get quality performance, so they can save on real estate, It will change the entire industry.” Another noted, “We are letting our lease expire and will all work remotely for at least the near future.”

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Why Did Women Drop Out Of The Workforce?

Worklife Daily_Why Did Women Drop Out Of The Workforce

Click to read: Why Did Women Drop Out Of The Workforce?

Source: New York Times

Snippet: “The bigger the wage gap across spouses, the smaller the labor supply of the secondary earner, which is typically the wife.” — Stefania Albanesi, an economics professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

In September, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 7.9 percent, far below the record high of nearly 15 percent in April. A large part of that drop was driven not so much by economic growth, but by hundreds of thousands of people leaving the job market altogether. A majority of those dropping out were women.

A key factor in their decision? The persistent gender wage gap, experts said.

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Female Detective Set Apart By Compassion

Worklife Daily_Female Detective Set Apart By Compassion

Click to read: Female Detective Set Apart By Compassion

Source: Journal Gazette

Snippet: Four months after Liza Anglin became a homicide detective in the Fort Wayne Police Department, an incident happened. A 2-year-old Malakai Garrett died of internal injuries so severe that his liver was lacerated. Anglin had rushed to the hospital that day. She witnessed the family as relatives spent agonizing moments until Malakai took his last shallow breath.

As a female detective, giving it her all is typical of Anglin, those who know her say. Because Anglin is “so committed to her work,” Dottie Davis, a former FWPD deputy chief, has talked to Anglin about “work-life balance.”

“She’s dealing with constant crisis. Homicide is usually a pretty small unit, very close knit,” said Davis, who helped train Anglin 20 years ago and considers her a friend.

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Investing In Corporate Quality of Worklife – Emory


Worklifefeed – Web Index 3: Investing In Corporate Quality of Worklife

By periodically investing in an index, the ‘know-nothing’ investor in Work-Life can actually outperform most professionals. There are other Worklife – Index from Worklife Feed. Here, we discuss Investing In Corporate Quality of Worklife

A number of companies are investing in corporate quality of worklife for their employees and they are letting them know about how to maximize them.

Your Work Life At Emory University

Maintaining a positive work-life integration is important for employees productivity, happiness and health. To help employees manage the many demands of work and life, Emory offers many resources, programs and services. Emory also have a Benefits and Work Life department.

Financial Programs: Managing personal finances is challenging at all stages of life and financial stress can make it difficult for employees concentrate on their other work-life responsibilities. Emory provides several resources and programs to help employees plan their financial future.

Workplace Flexibility: To respond to today’s need to be a more agile workplace, Emory encourages the use of flexible work options to help employees meet their work and personal responsibilities.

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Pandemic Prompts Work-Life Overhaul For World’s Business Leaders

Worklife Daily_Pandemic Prompts Work-Life Overhaul For World's Business Leaders

Click to read: Pandemic Prompts Work-Life Overhaul For World’s Business Leaders

Source: PR Newswire

Snippet: Bupa Global’s Executive Wellbeing Index reveals that 94% of global executives are planning a major overhaul of their work-life balance.

Over half do not plan to return to the same fast pace of life; one in three intends to work from home permanently, and one in five will even work from their holiday home. While over a quarter (26%) will stop all business travel for 12 months.

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Business Lunch Will Be Back – Zoom Can’t Replace Everything


Click to read: Business Lunch Will Be Back – Zoom Can’t Replace Everything

Source: Washington Post

Snippet: For white-collar workers, so much of work life in the past six months has gone virtual. We Zoom and Slack our way through interactions that used to happen in conference rooms and in cubicle huddles. But there is no online substitution for the essential function of the business lunch, which is to put humans in face-to-face contact in a relaxed, neutral setting.

Business lunches will no doubt become less frequent as more people work from home, but they may take on more importance.

There are some kinds of tasks, projects and periods of time where in-person collaboration is optimal. Organizations are going to be much more deliberate to create face time for them. Some business lunches will be in that category. People will reserve a special place for them.

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Be Honest: You Miss Your Co-Workers

Be honest you miss your co-workers

Click to read: Be Honest: You Miss Your Co-Workers

Source: Entrepreneur

Snippet: Be honest, you miss your co-workers even though working from home (WFH) has its benefits. Working remotely can feel too remote, almost like being stranded on a deserted island.

Particularly in Western culture, our professions are synonymous with how we identify ourselves. Even with this outsized importance placed on only one aspect of our lives, we still fail to recognize just how important those other people in our profession are to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Love them or hate them, your co-workers do you a great service in helping you meet one of your basic human needs: social interaction.

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I Need To Take A Holiday From Planning My Holiday


Click to read: I Need To Take A Holiday From Planning My Holiday

Source: The Guardian

Snippet: The day before my friends and I were due to leave for our UK holiday, the host of the Airbnb cancelled. It was a dark, yet fitting end to our simple holiday dream of five best girlfriends in a cottage, tipsily affirming each other with internet slogans (“You do you, hunny!”) and bonding through collective eye-rolling at men.

Although it does mean that my cottage retreat will have to wait a little longer: I’m taking a holiday from planning the holiday. Even travel agents need a break.

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Work-Life Balance Scoreboard. Gender Equality Index


EU Gender Equality Index 2019 focuses on work-life balance. This is an issue of high political importance in the EU. In addition to work-life balance related indicators captured by the Index (e.g. in the domains of work, time and knowledge), the thematic focus presents additional indicators — a EU Work-Life Balance scoreboard (WLB scoreboard).

The EU WLB scoreboard cuts across three broad areas: paid work, unpaid work (care) and education and training.

It presents 15 indicators in six specific areas of concern: parental leave policies; caring for children and childcare services; informal care for older persons and persons with disabilities and long-term care services; transport and infrastructure; flexible working arrangements; and lifelong learning.

EU WLB Scoreboard

Browse the the publication for EU Member country-specific data and analysis in the six specific areas of concern. 

WLB Scoreboard, Standard Of Living And Quality of Life

You may be wondering, what is the relevance of a WLB scoreboard to your life? You need to understand that our Work-Life is not structured, influenced or defined only by the policies and culture of the organisation that we work for. While some companies are ahead, focusing on the future of work, many others take guidance from country specific legislation.

Many extraneous circumstances, not a few that are outside our individual control and influence, impacts our daily life or work-life. We all want an improvement to our standard of living and work environment. But this most often happen in the context of the country we reside.

But when we work with others, we can exert more influence to make our individual quality of life aspirations achievable.

Now think of this, what will your life likely look like as a male or female in the country where you live or work? How much can the country’s WLB score or Gender Equality Index affect you; and your effort to have a great life experience for your self?

Where your personal standard of living is above the average for your environment, there is always something that you can contribute to lift others up. After all, living a life that positively impacts others, contributes to our own well-being.

When next someone ask you, what does your life look like as a male or female living in Norway or Lithuania for example, or in what areas do you want to improve your life? You can now look beyond your personal circumstances or local environment and use a wider context to explain or plan.

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