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Slow Down Taste Life, Says Cheryl Day

Cheryl Day Wants You to Slow Down and Taste the Sweet Life

Slow down taste life, Cheryl Day wants you to slow down and taste the sweet life. When you are open to learning, you will learn. Open your eyes and heart, the world is full of wisdom, and they are hidden in unusual places.

Cheryl Day runs her beloved Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia. She runs the 17-year-old bakery with her husband Griffith Day and the two have also written best-selling cookbooks together. Her first solo cookbook with Artisan books will be released in Fall 2021.

Julia Turshen spoke with Day about what drives her and what measures she’s put in place to ensure longevity. We have all got a lot to learn from someone who shows us day in, day out, that biscuits matter just as much as boundaries. And that heritage matters, just as much as legacy.

Interview Extract To Slow You Down and Taste Sweet Life

How are you able to do business on your own terms?

I cannot imagine not creating my own destiny every single day. There’s stress that comes with that, but we still love it. We started this on our own. No investors. Still no investors.

“If we want to change something, we can do that on a dime.”

How have you gone about setting boundaries for yourself?

We changed our hours about a year ago. We’re open Thursday to Sunday. We used to be open Tuesday through Saturday and then we dropped Tuesday and added Sunday so we were just closed on Mondays.

“I had to get a little broken before I learned I needed to fix these things.”

Now on days when you’re not in the bakery, what are you doing?

I’m writing or I’m practicing self-care. Sometimes I get a facial in the middle of the day. I started a garden growing roses and herbs. I had to get a little broken before I learned I needed to fix these things.

“We try not to talk about work at home.”

Do you and Griffith have any parameters around your work life and your personal life?

When we get home, if we have to ride around the block a couple of times we will. We try not to talk about work at home.

The above is an extract from an interview by Julia Turshen, founder of Equity at the Table (EATT) and author of Now & Again. See link below to the original web publication.

Click here to view original web page at www.foodandwine.com


The way we were, all of us, products of the way we were raised.

Finding Purpose While You Are Waiting For a Bigger Break

Worklife Four Spokes -A Drive Into Work/Life Balance

Worklife Four Spokes

Worklife four spokes sounds like a bicycle rotating wheel theory. Anything that makes the wheel of life move in the right direction is worth a taste. What happens when those with ‘professional’ taste buds go on a tasting ‘mission’; tasting, wine, coffee, cuisine, beer etc? Take a little, swallow or spit it out.

I therefore urge you to give ‘worklife four spokes’ a tasty trial. Moreover, we have moved from worklife balance, to worklife blend, worklife effectiveness, and worklife in homelife. The final admonition is that you should actually forget trying to achieve worklife balance.

“After all, your car can be repaired or replaced; you cannot.”

The theory behind ‘worklife four spokes’ says that you can assess your work/life balance by paying attention to the four spokes of life. You need to view your life as a wheel made of four spokes, and becoming mindful of what might be out of whack.

The Four Spokes Of Life

Spoke 1 Work: Practice healthy work habits, and work harmoniously with coworkers.

Spoke 2 Family: The second most important of the spokes, but the worse to define. Whatever your family configuration or definition, what are you giving to it?.

Spoke 3 Play: Social interaction outside your family to friendships and pastimes. Play, fun activities that takes you away from everyday routines and stressors.

Spoke 4 SelfCare: The most important, but often considered last and least. No one can give you this, not even family, it’s all yours.

What do you notice, is balance missing in one or more quadrants? What do you want to change? How would you do it and when will you begin? Do you need a mentor?

If you were a car with a flat tire, you would slow down

Many of us treat our cars better than we treat ourselves. If you were a car with a flat tire, you would slow down, pull over on the roadside and fix the tire. So what’s stopping you from doing that for yourself? After all, your car can be repaired or replaced; you cannot.

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‘Without suffering you cannot achieve anything’ – Zidane ‘proud’ of Madrid stars after coming through Getafe test

How right is Zinedine Zidane in his conclusion about what is required to achieve victory? He acknowledged a lot of things that shows he has the right focus and attitude. “We played against the bottom team, but they always make it difficult for you. Without suffering you cannot achieve anything.

“I think that with patience it was known that the goal could be reached.”

The greatest challenge that we all face in life, is the one where we must deal with our-self, a team, everyone, and someone called, others.

Notice his use of we (team) and not I. What should you also focus on to move the needle from where you are now, to where you desire to be in that particular area of life? I have a few, you may think of more. 

  • Recognize the opponent (size of the goal)
  • Review your capacity (S.W.O.T. – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats)
  • Know yourself (your team, self-awareness, emotional intelligence etc)
  • Go for the kick (take action)

Zidane, whose in-form Madrid side travel to Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, added: “We knew that we would suffer a lot. They pressed very high, it has cost us a little, but it is normal…have peace of mind, because these are key moments … because it has not been easy, physically or mentally.”

“If you want something, go for it. Giving up should not be an option because only by going forward will you succeed”. — Anna Chui

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Career to Wealth: From Employee to Second Richest Person in China

Few years ago, he was just a normal Google employee. Let me put it in perspective, recently Colin Huang was valued by Forbes ahead of Alibaba’s Jack Ma but behind Tencent’s Pony Ma. Mr Huang founded Pinduoduo in 2015.

In monetary, relational, workjoy and life impact investment terms, how much was he valued and treated as an intern at Microsoft and as an engineer at Google?

As part of his workjoy conclusion, he said, “Google gave me far more than I contributed.”

Some other Google employees can list a tonne of issues that they may have with the company.

“Some early Google employees had been adversely affected by quickly becoming wealthy. They suddenly got too much money, lost incentives to work and started to look for fun and new careers. Many years passed, and they wasted their most precious time, when they were most likely to have other outstanding achievements.” – Colin Huang, 2016

Life is a journey, a triathlon, or hexathlon. Fun, Worklife – a job, a career – are just one of several gigs in the race. Not the rat race, of course. But your race. Where you maintain your own lane, pace, and work to be better continuously. Not bitter, because you are distracted looking at the race, lane, and pace of another.

No single company is perfect enough to tick all items on Myfunworklife Life Impact Investment checklist. But where will you rather live a big chunk of your daily life, work, transfer your skills and talent to if you have a ‘company name empty’ offer of employment letter?


Succeeded in Zero out of 3 Happiness and Confidence Test!


This initially started in my head as failing in zero out of three test. But thank goodness, something from my previous learnings refused to allow a “failure” connotation to stick. Cup half full than half empty!

Without going into the technicalities of the academia which has various school of thought on how to measure happiness [Oxford Happiness Inventory (Argyle and Hill), Subjective Happiness Scale (Lyubomirsky & Lepper), Satisfaction with Life Scale (Deiner, Emmons, Larsen and Griffin), Panas Scale (Watson, Clark, Tellegen), etc], let’s just use the three simple questions below that focus on the areas that impacts my well being now. Perhaps, yours too.

So I suggest you also check how you will perform on the three test questions below.  It’s a measure of your level of confidence or happiness, at this very moment. Give each question a maximum score of 30 points.

The 3 Happiness and Confidence Test

  1. How happy or confident are you now, considering the current balance(s) in your bank account(s), compared to your immediate and short term financial needs and future wealth aspirations?
  2. How prepared are you now to manage your personal affairs without your current job, and how confident are you now in easily securing another employment, assuming you get news now of an imminent loss of your paid employment due to redundancy?
  3. How happy are you now with your level of success and how confident are you now, that you will still be a success in life, no matter how you privately define success?

What will you consider a good score out of 100? Can it be 65/100 or 65%? What is your total score? Add 10 to your total score for having the confidence to assess yourself.

Look out online for other test that may be more sophisticated and can possibly generate a report for you.

Check on the 101 Happiness Quotes collated by Henrik Edberg and the 20 Confidence Quotes by Goalcast.

Finally, do you think it’s worth it assessing our level of happiness or confidence? Have you tried to identify the key issues that makes you feel less happy or confident? What actions have you identified that you will work on within defined timeline, to improve on your current level of happiness or confidence, and in those specific areas of your life you have identified need improvement?

Am happy you came around. Am confident you will drop a comment in the box below. Why wouldn’t you? Especially when your comment can make someone happy.

”I love making you laugh because for those few seconds, I made you happy and seeing you happy, it makes me happy too”