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In New Normal How Will We Go Back To Work? – Poll

Worklife Daily_In New Normal How Will We Go Back To Work

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Source: Napa-net

Snippet: We may not be exactly sure when we’ll all be returning to the old way of earning a living. But interesting outcomes came out when readers were asked how they thought we’d be going “back” when we do.

One reader commented, “I’m a CEO and we are definitely going back to work in the office environment. Collaboration is 100% better with people physically in the office. Working from home is nice but not a good long term solution for creativity, work environment, employee rapport or growth.”

Another said, “Organizations have learned they do not necessarily have to have employees on site to get quality performance, so they can save on real estate, It will change the entire industry.” Another noted, “We are letting our lease expire and will all work remotely for at least the near future.”

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