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Elusive Work-Life Balance In Bangkok; Ranked 43rd Out Of 50

Work-life balance elusive

Bangkok ranked 43rd out of 50 major cities worldwide for qualities that make working and living easier. People in Bangkok struggle to achieve a work-life balance. The city is ranked 43rd out of 50 major cities worldwide for qualities that make working and living easier. This is according to Kisi, a US-based security specialist. But you may be wondering, how elusive is work-life balance in Bangkok?

The results are based on an analysis of 19 factors grouped under three broader themes — work intensity, society and institutions, and urban livability. These are themes that the researchers believe, affects working life overall. And therefore, based on those criteria, top nine European cities emerged from the 2020 survey. The nine cities were led by Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen in that order. Calgary in Canada rounded out the top 10.

The top-ranked city in Asia was Singapore. It holds the 41st position, with a total score of 64.7. Note that Oslo was assigned a score of 100. Bangkok that scored 59.6 still finished ahead of Hong Kong (45th), Kuala Lumpur (47th) and Seoul (50th).

According to Kisi, the “Best Cities for Work-Life Balance 2020” report assesses “a city’s adoption of smarter working policies.” It also assesses “cities capacity to simultaneously equip residents with the ability to enjoy their leisure time.” This year’s study also took into account how Covid-19 has changed and continues to affect work-life balance.

Understanding Kisi’s Best Cities for Work-Life Balance

“This index is not designed to be a city livability index, nor is it intended to highlight the best cities to work in. Instead, it is an indicator of a city’s ability to provide a healthy work-life balance for its residents. While also providing opportunities to relieve work-related stress,” the company said.

Kisi chose the 50 cities for the survey based on their reputation for attracting professionals and families for their work opportunities and diverse lifestyle offerings. It then gathered and analysed publicly available data on the many factors that affect working life.

Kisi’s Survey – Work Intensity Factors

Work intensity factors included the amount of time a person dedicates to their job. This includes the total working hours, commuting and vacation days taken. Also analysed were unemployment figures. This takes into account the impact of the pandemic, as well as the percentage of people who have had to take up multiple jobs in order to get by as a result.

Kisi’s Survey – Social Factors

Analysis of social factors focused on the extent to which residents receive equal treatment. These are for services such as; access to state-funded health and welfare programmes, as well as institutional support for equality and social inclusivity.

Kisi’s Survey – City Livability Factors

City livability was evaluated based on affordability as well as citizens’ overall happiness, safety and access to wellness and leisure venues.

The two final factors added this year related to Covid-19: overall economic impact and projected percentage change in employment.

Bangkok’s Weak Areas Based on Survey Factors

Work intensity factors that pulled down Bangkok’s ranking included hours worked plus commuting time. Bangkok average 50.7 hours per week on hours worked plus commuting time. It has percentage of the workforce considered overworked at 20.2%; and vacation days taken at just 10 per year.

Bangkok’s ranking was low on city livability factors. Affected areas included a low affordability score of just 38.3 compared with scores of 80 or more for the top 10 cities, and 27.9 for air quality.

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Source: Bangkok Post

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Get hired by the 10 companies with best work-life balance


With layoffs and job losses happening every now and then, securing a current job is top priority for many. But once the inevitable happens, and savings start to dwindle, things change quickly. Desperation can set in, priority flips and desires can change. The goal simple becomes how to get hired by another company as soon as possible. This is to either avoid a career break, or just to keep putting food on the table.

However for someone who is looking at changing from one job to another, the considerations and desperations can be different. Among other things, there can be a better scrutiny of the work-life balance offerings by different companies.

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Once desperation sets in, getting hired immediately becomes the most important huddle worth crossing.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, such individuals will soon realize that work, and secured pay are not by themselves, the ultimate.

How much do you value getting a job and the balance that the work offers?

If you’re averse to burn-out and a healthy work-life balance is paramount to your success at work, then check out Comparably.com’s list. The list has the highest rated US companies when it comes to Work-Life Balance in 2020.

Comparably.com created the list after asking a variety of questions regarding paid time off, sick days, and overtime compensation. On average 83% of employees working in the listed companies were satisfied with their company’s approach to work-life balance. This ensured that their team does not suffer the complications that arise from on-site burnout.

The company stated that they have not enlisted employees anonymous reviews on Glassdoor to back up the aforementioned list or statistics.

Now, do you want to get hired by any of these companies? That is, if any of them provides a culture in which you believe you can thrive. Why not check out the ladders or the companies websites?

The 10 companies with the best work-life balance as listed by Comparably.com are as follows; CVS Health, Imprivata, Frontier Communications, Walmart, and TaxJar. The others are, Target, Smartsheet, Whole Foods Market, ePlus Inc, and Drfit.

Few highlights of the 10 companies with the best work-life balance

The qualities exhibited by these companies can be developed and deployed by any other company. The most difficult is having very happy team members who can openly and positively rate your organization.

To improve things in your place, start by reviewing your remote work offers, shifts system and your organization’s response to employees emergencies. Make them flexible, easy and responsive to employees personal emergencies. Also assess your response towards folks dealing with fallout related to COVID-19. From there, develop a checklist of actions to improve your performance in those areas.

Another common characteristics of the 10 companies is their work environment. Employees want to work in an environment that is relaxed, friendly and uplifting. Not a place with over demanding work, or working with a boss who breaks the spirit.

Every employee desires an organization that utilizes their experience, and exposes them to new things.

A supportive leadership crowns it all. Good leaders develops strong organizations, they do not micromanage, they communicate well, and set the direction for a good company culture.

Thank you to the teams and companies for making sure employees mental health, their families, and customers are taken care of.

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Welcome to Worklife Feed articles and site-files indexing and adaptation series.

Why A Work-Life Balance Scoreboard?

According to a Harvard Business School survey, 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week and nearly half said they worked more than 65 hours per week.

“… when the assumption that everyone needs to be always available was collectively challenged, not only could individuals take time off, but their work actually benefited.”

The EU Gender Equality Index 2019 focuses on Work-Life Balance (WLB). The EU WLB scoreboard cuts across three broad areas {paid work, unpaid work (care) and education and training}. These is presented with 15 indicators in six specific areas of concern.

Define Gender Equality Index. Work-Life Balance

Gender Equality Index_Define Gender Equality Index. Work-Life Balance

Work-life Feed – Web Index 2: Define Gender Equality Index

By periodically investing in an index, the ‘know-nothing’ investor in Work-Life and Work-Life Balance can actually outperform most professionals. There are other Worklife – Index from Worklife Feed. Here, we define Gender Equality Index.

Define Gender Equality Index

1. Web link source: European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) Gender Equality Index (GEI) shows the advances in gender equality. The Index uses a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 is for total inequality and 100 is for total equality.

The Gender Equality Index is a composite indicator that measures the complex concept of gender equality. This report is for performance by European Union countries. The GEI is therefore based on the EU policy framework, and assists in monitoring progress of gender equality across the EU over time.

Each year, EU Member States and the EU as a whole are scored to see how far they are from reaching gender equality.

EU Gender Equality Index 2019

Gender Equality Index

The European Union has been moving towards gender equality at a snail’s pace. With a Gender Equality Index score of 67.4 out of 100, the EU still has a lot of room for improvement.

Since 2005, the EU’s score has increased by only 5.4 points (+ 1.2 points since 2015)

The Gender Equality Index Score

The scores are based on the gaps between women and men and levels of achievement in six core domains: work, money, knowledge, time, power and health.

Two additional domains are integrated into the Index but do not have an impact on the final score.

  • The domain of intersecting inequalities highlights how gender inequalities manifest in combination with age, dis/ability, country of birth, education and family type.
  • The domain of violence against women measures and analyses women’s experiences of violence.

Advances in gender equality are still moving at a snail’s pace. Countries that have started measuring and scoring themselves are heading in the right direction.

There are big improvements in the domain of power. More women are taking on decision-making positions, especially in company boardrooms across Europe.

In addition to providing a snapshot into the Index scores, the Gender Equality Index 2019 includes a thematic focus on work-life balance.

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Define Quality of Work-life, Work-life, And Work-life Balance

Work Life Index - Define Quality of Worklife_Worklife Balance

Work-life feed – Web Index 2: Define Quality of Work-life

By periodically investing in an index, the ‘know-nothing’ investor in Work-Life can actually outperform most professionals. There are other Worklife – Index from Worklife Feed. Here, we define quality of worklife.

Define Quality of Work-Life

1. Web link source: Your Article Library. Definition Quality of life refers to the favourableness or unfavourableness of a job environment for the people working in an organisation. 

2. Web link source: Wikipedia. Definition – Quality of life describes a person’s broader employment-related experience. It includes a wide range of factors, sometimes classified as “motivator factors” which if present can make the job experience a positive one; and “hygiene factors” which if lacking, are more associated with dissatisfaction. 

3. Web link source: Shodhganga. Definition – Quality of life is the overall quality of an individual’s working life.

4. Web link source: Vantage Circle. Definition – Quality of life is the total quality of an employee’s work-life at an organization.

5. Web link source: Economics Discussion. Definition – Quality of life is a generic phrase that covers a person’s feelings about every dimension of work; including economic rewards and benefits, security, working conditions, organisational and interpersonal relationships and its intrinsic meaning in a person’s life.

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Define Work-Life, Work-life Balance And Quality of Work-life

Work Life Index - Define Worklife_Worklife Balance

Work-life Feed – Web Index 1: Define Work-life, Work-life Balance

By periodically investing in an index, the ‘know-nothing’ investor in Work-Life can actually outperform most professionals. There are other Worklife – Index from Worklife Feed. Here, we define worklife and worklife balance.

Define Work-life

1. Web link source: Cambridge Dictionary. Adjective – workplace, HR (also work/life). Definition – Worklife relates to the amount of time you spend doing your job, compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy.

Sample Usage:

work/life study revealed that 26% of employees often felt “emotionally drained” by their work.

work-life policy/program/strategy.

2. Web link source: Oxford Dictionary on Lexicon. Pronunciation – /ˈwəːk ˈlʌɪf/; AdjectiveOf, or relating to both work and personal life; designating the relationship between the two. Especially in “work–life balance”.

3. Web link source: Urban Dictionary. DefinitionWorklife is the combination of the words, work and life into one word; simple non-stop entity that means both work and life.

4. Web link source: Your Dictionary. Adjective – Of, or pertaining to the relationship between ones work and personal life.

5. Web link source: theGreatIndoors. Definition – Worklife is a phenomenon that is most commonly talked about in terms of trying to achieve that all-important ‘balance’ or ‘blend’ between our professional and personal lives. 


Define Work-Life Balance (a)

1. Web link source: Dictionary. Pronunciationwork/life bal·ance; wurk-lahyf-bal-uhns. NounA situation in which one divides or balances one’s time between work and activities outside of work.

Sample usage: It’s hard to achieve a reasonable work-life balance when you run your own business.

2. Web link source: Worklifebalance. Definition Worklife balance is the Meaningful daily Achievement and Enjoyment in each of my four life quadrants: Work, Family, Friends and Self.

3. Web link source: Wikipedia. Definition – Work–life balance is the lack of opposition between work and other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal. Work–life balance consists of, but it is not limited to, flexible work arrangements that allow employees to carry out other life programs and practices

Define Work-Life Balance (b)

4. Web link source: Forbes. Analysis While employers can look to studies about what work-life balance means to millennials to gain some insight, it’s important to remember that work-life balance will always mean something a little different to everyone.

5. Web link source: HRzone. DefinitionWork-life balance refers to the level of prioritisation between personal and professional activities in an individual’s life, and the level to which activities related to their job are present in the home.

6. Web link source: MBAskool. Definition Work life balance is a method which helps employees of an organization to balance their personal and professional lives.

7. Web link source: Cleverism. Definition Work-life balance basically refers to the proper prioritizing of an individual between his work or career and his personal life or lifestyle.

8. Web link source: Researchgate. DefinitionWork-life balance (WLB) is both a social construct (i.e., a notion that is ‘constructed’ through social practice and which may or may not represent objective reality) and a discourse.

It tends to be either (a), defined as an individual experience or aspiration, with particular focus on time-squeezed white collar workers. Or (b), used as an adjective to describe workplace policies or practices (e.g., flexible work arrangements) or public policies (e.g., parental leave) that purport to enhance these individual experiences (i.e., WLB policies, practices, or supports).

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