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Drop Mediocrity In Pursuit Of Greatness, No Holding Back


There comes a time in the life of a great individual in the making. When he or she wakes up and change life course. To drop a garb, and choose a new path. I invite you today, to drop mediocrity in pursuit of greatness. To drop fear, in the eagerness of excellence. Nothing holding you back, as you face your fears and doubts.

No one ever regrets leaving the comfort crib. Hard it may be initially. Tough, uneasy, and fearful. So it is time for you too, to drop mediocrity in pursuit of greatness. Come on. You can do it. Greatness beckons!

A dream, an opportunity, act on life before you wake up

  • Life is too precious, not a day to live in mediocrity’s hand.
  • Life is pure, white like a dove, no patchiness in its living.
  • Ordinary, common, indifferent, average all is a choice.
  • Do not be in the middle-of-the-road, dull, or humdrum.
  • Undistinguished, uninspiring, second-rate, and ordinary.
  • Insignificant, inferior, colorless, common, and a waste.
  • Life is an opportunity, a dream, an orchestra, a song.
  • Golden, life is admired; but stolen, just by mediocrity.
  • Life is a golden opportunity, use it as good as you can.
  • A gem, distinctive, brilliant, hidden in the mud of doubt.
  • Excellent, superior, rarity, of pre-eminence, and genius.
  • Peerless, virtuoso, supreme, unrivaled, and nonpareil.

Can you dare me and be different?

  • You follow the herd? Hi, have your dreams grown wings?
  • Birds wings and great heights, but not mediocrity autopilot.
  • Dreams found? It flew back? Got courage to climb and fly?
  • Can you dare me and be different? No, dare them and fly.
  • Still living and working another’s dreamy expectations?
  • Stop it mediocre! Nobody glows or grow by mediocre life. 
  • Mediocrity wakes up, sweating, threatened by talent alive.
  • Are you a dead talent, a worry master of what people say?
  • Why be unable to put in “sweat equity,” stop living by default?
  • Mediocrity fears talent in pursuit of what matters to me, you.
  • Doing what matters to mine, in excellence, at full heart speed.
  • But I need you, courage, to be different, to follow my heart.

Stop putting up with mediocrity!

  • Stop putting up with mediocrity! There are no later life acts.
  • Move on, move far, change circle. Mediocrity is contagious.
  • A mediocre life puts forth mediocre effort, no “sweat equity.”
  • Dream big, set goals, interact with champions, get inspired.
  • Think big, make plans, escape comfort, take responsibility.
  • Forge your path, be crazy, take the risks, break the chains.
  • Be vulnerable, lick criticism, razor focus – one goal, a time.
  • Extinguish fears, ignite confidence, be different, a new YOU!
  • Mediocrity will wake up, sweating, threatened by talent alive.
  • Stop putting up with mediocrity! There are no later life acts.
  • Life is a golden opportunity, use it as good as you can.
  • Life is too precious to be lived, not a day in mediocrity.

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Why Does My Relationships Makes Me Cry?

Why does my relationships makes me cry

image credit: Squarespace/Words and Vision/ Why Does My Relationships Makes Me Cry?

I cry because I feel a pain. But I also thought that I cried because I needed to unburden myself, free the load I carried. Exactly six days ago, I had felt very different about this same issue. That is, crying over my relationships. But now, I do not have the same level of pain or emotion.

So what went wrong six days ago that made me to shed tears?

I knew I felt real anguish deep within me. That was the reason why I cried and prayed in partially audible groans. Why I wept, uncontrollable.

“I cry because I care. Yes, I cry because I don’t feel heard. I cry because you only hear my cry (complaints you call it), but do not see the care.”

If I had asked you my friend, Craig, why does my boyfriend keep making me cry? Naturally, you would have said it is because he did something that I don’t like or appreciate. And you may also have asked if it is something he does unintentionally. Or perhaps if he doesn’t know that I am being hurt by him.

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I felt hurt and cried because of many things that day, my relationships issues and needs. That was not the first time and I am definitely not a cry baby. Why does my relationships, our relationships, makes us cry?

How do I stop being so emotional or stop my relationship emotional dependency?

First, I do not know if I am emotionally dependent on my partner. I have never thought deeply about this or go back at any time to understand the root cause of some of my crisis.

I recently read that emotionally dependent people aren’t just insecure, they have an obsessive need to be close to and attached to other people. In my estimate, my need to be close to and be attached to my partner is right and normal. When does it become excessive or a demonstration of insecurity?

I mean, we all experience some form of insecurity. No one knows the future, and no matter how confident we strove and climb the mountains, we all have a silent fear about the future.

What I still do not understand is this stuff called, an ‘obsessive fear’ of losing love. I did not start a relationship to lose it and neither do I want to jump from one relationship to another.

I need to take extra note of some words as I try to understand better, why my relationships make me cry.

Dependency seems to be when this normal things are in the extreme, obsessive, almost-insane etc. For example, dependent people have an almost-insane fear of not being good enough.

Then comes the issue of deep-rooted childhood traumas and disappointments.

Dependency, happiness and building a castle on shifting sands

In all, no matter the source or cause, depending on others for our happiness is like building a castle on shifting sands. It is more alarming to realize that emotional dependency isn’t just a state of mind, but a verifiable psychological disorder. A state of being where a dependent person can be sufferings from “dysphoric moods” or sudden mood changes making such unpredictable and difficult to deal with.

Even though emotional dependency is said to be serious and require professional help from someone with experience in relevant trauma treatment, a few tips can initially come handy. E. B. Johnson, NLP-MP, recommends the following;

  • Practice being there for yourself.
  • Stop giving away your responsibilities (especially self care) to others.
  • Re-parent yourself.
  • Recognize your own emotional cruelty.
  • Identify and let go of self-destructive patterns.
  • Detachment as liberation.
  • Develop some patience.
  • Let go of idealistic expectations.
  • Stop confusing your needs with someone else’s responsibilities.
  • Avoid letting your desire get carried away.
  • Letting go of the need to control others.
Why does my relationships makes me cry, what can I do?

My partner makes me a wreck, not that he beats me. But I am just tired and not happy in the relationship. You ask me to confront him, yes I have. You think maybe talking to someone about it will help, sharing with someone how I feel. I have done that too. And thanks to a loving gentleman who guides and coaches me. If not for him, many times, I would have taken very wrong steps.

“I am stretched and tired. Not only that, I have given up but cannot give up.”

The issues have been identified, and they are not likely to go away. He has even raised his hands in the air and declared that he cannot help himself. He said he does not have the skills or ability to do what I am asking him to do. But this are mere responsibilities that a normal husband or man should stand up to.

Quite all right, he does far above average in the area where he is lucky (sic!) to have a comparative advantage. But even at that, in those areas, I have had to double down to assist and guide him in some critical decisions and actions. Putting my feet down on critical decisions that he ought to take. And even adding my own resources, and that for his area of comparative advantage.

An expert thought on crying

So I cry, because it is frustrating. I am doing more than my bit, so I think.

“I am crying because they serve a purpose. Tears don’t come easy, so I cry because I hurt.”

According to Dr. Gail Saltz, associate professor of psychiatry at the NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine,  “crying is an excellent way of releasing emotions and processing difficult situations.” Woman’s Day break down twelve possible reasons, experts says are the psychology behind constant crying.

These includes built-up emotions, emotional empathy, learned associations, neuroticism, depression and anxiety. Others are, early trauma, stress, personality, hormones, socialization and the PseudoBulbar affect.

“I am better,” isn’t better? “My cry bottle is fuller,” perhaps feel better

When Rose told told HuffPost, “I can’t remember an argument in which I haven’t cried, but then I’m generally a crier.” I said to myself, good girl, at least you are not a crier, but what am I?

Funny, many times, I have also been angry with my relationship with God, and that also makes me cry. Why is He keeping quiet. How come He is allowing me to go through this pains and hurts? For how long will He test me before He redeems me?

Should I be called a cry bottle filler? I am crying because they serve a purpose. Tears don’t come easy, so I cry because I hurt.

I cry to communicate to God when words fail me, he keeps track of all my sorrows. He has collected all my tears in His bottle. He has recorded each one in His book.

I cry because I care. I cry because I don’t feel heard. But for how long?

Why does my relationships makes me cry? I cry because I care. Yes, I cry because I don’t feel heard. I cry because you just hear my cry (complaints you call it), but do not see the care. If you want to know, I am stretched and tired. Not only that, I have given up but cannot give up. My journey have been very long, I have invested so much into this relationship and cannot let go now.

But for how long? And will it ever get better? Especially for a fundamentally flawed incapability in a partner. This I know, God is for me. In God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can man created situations and circumstances do to me?

Is it possible to make sense of what is senseless?

I was introduced to Beth Kinder by chance, and she asked me to go back thousands of years and read where a king gave an order to murder every Hebrew baby boy by drowning them in the river.

She said God described the Israelites during that time as His people. Yet mothers were having their babies ripped from their arms and murdered. Senseless… Where was God? Did those Hebrew families not honor God?

Beth then fast forward my mind to several thousand years later when another king ordered the senseless slaughter of all male children, ages two years and younger. She asked, “where was God?” After all, weren’t they still His people? Had they, too, removed God from their lives, their homes, their world?

I sense what my ‘comforter friend’ is trying to explain, but I do not agree with him.

What I do agree with is that we are all in this life bubble and are facing very different and sometimes related challenges.

When Beth said that her greatest victories, and her most catastrophic defeats have come from her little unit, called family, it resonates with me. Like her, I appreciate that there is beauty exchanged in the growing pains of family, where we must fight hard to make it work, when we would have rather quit.

Like Beth, I can no longer do any lesser.

I am promising myself that I would be for others, including my partner and friends, what I could not always find or receive. Hopefully, I will find out during this process of self discovery, that everyone has something for someone. I may have to search deeper, clean off more dirt’s, to find the hidden treasures in my life and possibly, also in my partner.

Welcome to Worklife Feed.

We Are Living, Breathing Role Models


A role model battle, but not merely between right and wrong. We are living it, but rarely know it.

“We are living, breathing role models – not just in what we say, but what we do”

– Former First Lady Michelle Obama
My battles are mine, but the impact is ours
A raging storm within, the outburst without
Who dare touches the flaming fang in its glory?
We are living it, but rarely know it, don't we?
We are breathing it in, no one sees the exhale
My choices are mine, but the impact is ours
A selfish lure of desire, the denial of rights
Who can still or hold the raging force of pride?
We are living it, but rarely feel it, shouldn't we?
We are breathing it in, no one dies, it is okay 
My fears are mine, but the impact is ours
A dark clingy wrap, a limiter to full existence
Who is brave to shine me, in my fearful distress?
I am not living it, and I know and feel it, do I?
I am breathing, not in, no one to guide as a model.

“Being a role model is equal parts being who you actually are and what people hope you will be.”

– Meryl Streep

We are living, breathing role models, but rarely know it. We are in role model battle, but not merely between right and wrong.

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Finally according to Maya Angelou in the mentors magazine 70 role model quotes, “each of us, famous or infamous, is a role model for somebody, and if we aren’t, we should behave as though we are — cheerful, kind, loving, courteous. Because you can be sure someone is watching and taking deliberate and diligent notes.”

I Don’t Want To Be A Role Model

Living life as me is enough of an headache. Making it through each day just for me is a stress I have to overcome daily. But life thrust some responsibilities, some of my making, others, are just life demands.

I cannot just live the way I want. If just for the kids in my life, not mine alone, either I even have one or not. I may be stressed, feel cheated or stepped on. But I have to put in enough control in all circumstances, because someone is looking at me; beyond my teaching instructions on living. Therefore, I have a big responsibility to be a good role model for your kids. And by the way, that includes your neighbors kids, the kid to your friend, relations and enemies.

If I don’t have a choice, you too don’t. The life, environment and world that we build, is where we all have to live in.

When Life Breaks – It Brings Half Of White And Red

When Life Breaks - It Brings Half Of White And Red

When life breaks forth – it brings half of white and another half of red, the breaking forth of a song then follows.

When life breaks forth, Worklife starts and takes almost all of our Life. We are so dedicated or so afraid of losing that which we hold in our hands. Bills to pay, the privileges of a position. The communion of friends and colleagues at work.

A cherish mill, that makes sure the wheel of our social network and paying cards are well oiled and maintained.

Then, we dedicate so much of our existence and substance to work. Our emotions, our being, talent, strength, hope and faith. It becomes the whole essence of life, Worklife! No, working life. All of life then becomes all about working.

Not just the white collar office career work. Surely it is beyond the artisan or gig economy struggles. Don’t even classify it with the pursuits of career politicians. Or the drudgery and bureaucracy of civil service; local, national or international.

Hackers, fraudsters, traffickers, launderers, cheaters, liars and mere time miss-managers. All require a lot of work to do, cover up, explain or justify.

But it is just Half of Work and Half of Life. One leg of letter ‘W’ at Work and the other half enmeshed in L(ife). A Work-Life Logo.

Work-Life! It is birth in red, with the flow of cleansing blood, that spurns a child’s innocence in white. We get the ‘Feed’ and Worklife Digest it. It is a journey, Work-Life Feed.

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Innocence and Integrity Exposed, When Life Breaks

A birth in innocence, and how we should not forget that start. The gift of the blood. That is washed off as inconsequential to cleanse the baby; washing more than seen. As it washes open the rot behind the innocence.

A new human being is born. Who will this one turn out to be? Preferably, like you? No, like them or never like any of us!

A journey that was all glued in innocence. An assumed integrity that is exposed, once the blood that a baby is birth with is washed off. Exposed within hours. A cry, a request, a demand – and it just have to be all about the baby. Even when a treasury, a marriage, a relationship, a love is looted, or when a worklife enters into workplace battle field.

It has to be all about the big baby inside, now grown and coming out as the bigger human. A cry, a request, a demand, it just have to be all about the baby.

Nothing is birth, cleansed, healed or made perfect, except by and with the blood. A tear, a cut, a pain (no matter how much we’re tranquilized) must proceed the process. It washes away our innocence or pretense. Giving us an opportunity to reconcile.

We should not forget this; baby innocence never reaches adulthood, but the exposed hidden rot do. We should not forget it as a life lesson, even as we pursue greatness or get consumed with work. Welcome Worklife Feed!

MerryMates, Myfwl Editor

In The Eye Of Betrayal – What Do You Experience?

In The Eye of Betrayal

An eye for an eye, but not the eye of betrayal.

Even my close friend, someone I trusted from old,
One who shared my bread, my wine and my trust,
Has turned against me in my hour of dire need,
He who shared my bread has turned against me.
Heart of treachery, how can I respond to such pain?
When friends disappoint, where can we find comfort?
Should a friend close enough to share a meal, do such?
Was his betrayer so present, during my shared meal?

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How have you experienced the betrayal of a friend?
How has hope and love's reassurance sustained you?
I'm thankful that love is stronger than any betrayal.
In a friend's betrayal, I find strength in friend's love.
The song of he who betrays is sweet, deception is far.
His balm of healing soothe, a deadlier wound replace.
In your darkest hour, get help, not from Mr Betrayer.
He sweetens the bitter, makes the bitter a venom pool.

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Quote Diaries – Create Destiny Every Single Day

Quote Diaries - Create Destiny Every Single Day

Quote Diaries – Create Destiny

My dear friend, create destiny every single day.
I cannot imagine not creating one every life day. 
Not that it is very easy to do, each of every life day. 
But what is a life not lived to the full every life day?

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Top Ten Ways to Create Your Own Destiny

Are there ten ways to do this or Patrick Snow is just kidding? He wrote a book on the topic that is available on Amazon. Should that suggest that he might just have some ideas?

What are the top five passions in life?

What are your most audacious, boldest goals in life?

Do we control our own destinies? 90 percent of people think and act as if their destiny is foreordained, while only about 10 percent believe in the capacity to change and act on it.

“Put your own fate exactly where it belongs-in your hands”

Create your own destiny; plan, dream, and execute a better future-despite the challenges of the economy and life circumstances.

In Creating Destiny, Where is Family, Wealth and Health?

Put family ahead of work. No one ever found himself or herself on the
deathbed wishing they had spent more time at the office away from family. Wealth without health is not worth its weight in gold. Nevertheless, like John Addison, you need to “do today what others won’t do, so you can have tomorrow what others won’t have.”

Kevin Daum’s 7 Tips for Creating Your Own Destiny

Get up and be counted, that is the way the question sounds. Are you working on your life or just living in it? It is wrong to appear as a mere spectator on this crucial trip. Therefore, start the press up and heavy lifting, plan and execute life and career strategies worthy of your potential.

Get an accountability partner(s) but ignore the naysayers – This is someone or people you can engage on your preferred future. You should also be ready to commit to help them achieve theirs.

“If you want something bad enough, tell enough others what it is that you want. Sooner or later someone or something will show up in your life and help you get it.” — W. Clement Stone

Have preferred future birthdays as milestones for a review – This will be time to examine and discuss the details of every aspect of your lives, personal and professional, to achieve integrated success and happiness.

The game of life rewards the right players. We have a huge part to play in order to determine and obtain the life that truly makes us happy.


Where is your friend who makes you smile?

Where are your friends?

Where is your friend is not a question. It is a desperate voice, a deep longing from a friend. The one that walked away. The one you have not found. Who comes to mind? Go search now!

Where is your friend who makes you smile?
The one you pinch the face lovingly in approval.
With whom talk time, the clock cannot regulate.
Only sleepy eyes, weak voice, dare make talk fade.

If true friends always stay, who left without a cry?
Are the friends that leave, not meant to have been?
Is it part of the burden of living, hold, but not forever.
Especially precious life, not things bought and sold.

Where is your friend who makes you smile?
The special one with whom dreams and hopes live.
I did not prepare for day of departure or separation.
That mistake I will never make again with another.

If special friends leave, why do birds fly together?
Why do animals live in communities, without friends?
I saw the face, shared values, the mannerism, the love.
I knew this is who I want to connect with, as a friend.

Where is your friend who makes you smile?
The one you pinch the face lovingly in approval.
With whom talk time, the clock cannot regulate.
Only sleepy eyes, weak voice, dare make talk fade.

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The way we were, all of us, products of the way

The way we were, all of us, products of the way

The way we were, all of us, products of the way we were raised. We get tickled, when we see it, us, in our siblings or offspring. But it frees us, if only, we can look, search, and understand, why…?

We are, all of us, products of the way we weren’t raised. Why we do what we do, the way we do it. Why we are, the way we didn’t hope to be, but who we now are. Take a breath, breath, and take in some air … You, all of you, are products of the way you were raised.

“Without that spirit of adventure, life can be a dull business”

Sol, your mother is a lucky woman, you talk to her, the way you are. You tell her your worries, what concerns you, dreams and your fears. Lucky family you have, families that talk, you all became closer daily. ‘Thanks for sharing your feelings’, she always say in her joy of sharing. Meg, you are absolutely correct, even friends like you can’t forget mum. We do say, thanks too mum for talking, even when the news is not good. And many times she reminds us both, to do as she have done for us all. That our kids needs good talk time with us, as much as we got from her.

The Way We Were That Lead Us To Where We Go And Who We Meet

When Biol and I met, we thought we have found our long missing ribs. The joy was exhilarating, finding love, discovering life, getting hope.
There is no doubt we had the greatest move of genuine love emotions. However, not all the times and seasons we spent and shared together, Was memorable for good and bad. Yet, they are memories stuck in us.
Both of us, products of how we were nurtured, short time revealed us.

Alas, maybe we may finally understand, how different we are, all of us.
I know we now understand, we were not the greatest completed puzzle.
I was not the man she idealized, when she fell in love with the real me. The pulls, the troubles, unable to live on the pedestal she erected for me
Never again to face her disappointment, over my decisions, the real me.

Our past is behind, new futures dance in hope. All that we both share,
Are remnants, missed sensations, lost opportunity, caged love, stories. And memories of Biol lives on. In both of us, showed, The Way We Were.
It produced our box-office success stories, drama, trauma and learning.
From ashes of failure, our soundtrack album, that became gold record.

“Our destiny is in the way we were born, in the way we were raised, in the sum of the three of us” — Eleanor Brown

Go Tell A New Story To The World The Way You Are

Go tell a new story to the world, crowd is waiting.
Fight for a new beginning with your life, it’s yours.
Roar like a wounded lion in pain, but still strong.
Discover your self, rarely will another find real you.
Command morning to smile and the night not to scare.
Choose victory and not defeat, player not a victim.
Warrior like you do know, if it has to be, it is up to you.

Mark said he relates with our story from several perspectives.
His own hurts and pains seems evidently replayed in Biol’s love story.
As he narrates his own story, I felt chills run through me, another us?
Give me a break, when will many understand how to break the cycle?

‘My parents were the same way, but we did not find the joy of talking. There was a day I called my parents, for reasons that I don’t remember. And my mother said, “Well, since you’re on the phone, I should tell you”
What she told me, I cannot repeat. I have dumped it into Titanic debris.
Do not cry, I said to myself, it is not the end, I can wake, new from ashes

When I had my son, I acted the same way like them, to “protect” him.
Help, no one understand, why we were, not the way they are. All of us, Products of others, how we were raised, missed sensations, caged love.


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I did not stop to think, I picked up the phone and called our mother. When she answered, I gave her all the facts, carefully, considerately.
Bang! I feel my voice rising, head swelling, blood pulsing in my head. “This has got to stop. You’ve created this crazy family where we never Tell each other anything. We’re meant to worry about each other!”
Mark’s story of that scene ended, he allowed a better scene to unfold.

We are who we are, because of the way we were made. We recognize that both genes, and the environment influence behavior. And because of the way the genes were made, and were raised. And so we, from the environment in which we were raised, we are who we are.

I looked at Biol, she didn’t glance over at me. “Well, you know,” I said. Treading carefully, “like, how it’s not really clear whether it was love,
What we have found, who we have engaged, in our new relationships.

Finally, Biol’s mouth twitched and she spoke. “How is it not clear?”
I realized she couldn’t see it, and maybe never, would never see it.
The way we were, all of us, products of the way we were raised.


The way we were created from early childhood – dangers and opportunities of the early years of a child

Develop your child early, it is very crucial as it sets the foundation for other lifelong events. This foundation is the strong base that every child need for lifelong learning and the un-wiring of other learning abilities, including cognitive and social development.

Experiences are shaped in the environment that a child is exposed to. While the depth of time in the right environment is key, we should remember that a single traumatic event can have adverse consequences. Early childhood experiences shape the brain, it mold’s the child’s capacity to learn. It dictates how the child will get along with others. And it creates the code that controls how the child responds to daily stresses and challenges.

Why early childhood nurturing is important

Create a nurturing environment for your child. It is a parent’s gift with high stakes. With a forced working from home, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, parents have had a unique opportunity to mend broken edges.

An excellent caregiver can ensure that children’s good health and nutrition are well taken care of. Parent’s place in a child’s life, through interactions that are emotionally supportive and responsive cannot be replaced by a chat bot, Siri, Alexa and the like.

“Nurturing means more than giving your child food, shelter and clothing. It is about building a healthy and strong emotional relationship (attachment) between you and your child. Means being the person your child can count on for comfort whether he is a fussy infant or a toddler having a temper tantrum. It means being your child’s safe base. The person he can turn to for love, safety and security as he begins to explore the big world around him.” – New York State Parent Guide

The Thirst For A Meaning, Is It In A Zoom Party?

The Thirst For A Meaning, Is It In A Zoom Party?

The thirst for what heals or builds comes only to those who are hungry for it. Blessed are those who hunger and have the thirst for …, for they shall be filled. What do you hunger and thirst for, or what are you running away from discovering? We try to run, we fill our thirst with anything, running away from our thirst. The thirst for the answer to life, for the meaning of life.

The thirst for a meaning is strong, like a parched hole in a frozen desert
Just like you, I look for it everywhere, and in anything I experience
A search for friendship, love, and meaning behind what is unseen

This is about the third time for her, her thirst for a meaning is strong
She is asking if she can do it, why she is doing it, how she will do it

She has become the 'Zoom party' organizer, the go-to specialist
Not a role she is loving or want to do, but I kept urging her on
Even though I also query the idea of a party without a party?
Definitely not a first choice, but to win the battle against coronavirus
The party must go on - with or without a party

'Trying to get my Zoom party going' she mentioned
I could immediately smell the thirst for a meaning unfolding
'Hard work' she said. 'Not sure why I volunteered to do it'
What can I do, but encourage her on, 'service is love', I chip in
'Hmmm, frozen love?' I could smell the thirst for... getting stronger


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I think of life as a puzzle. So I carefully choose the …


The thirst for a meaning, searching for the why, reason for the trouble 
'I am thinking, why, why, why, did I do this to myself?' she is moaning
It is never too late, to discover, nurture, and find your true self
Never too late, to be the better you, the true you that you ought to be

Love. Service. Relationship. Giving. FAMILY - sources of the thirst for ...
'True. But it is hard work. Devastating hard work, but I cannot run
Especially when I am not naturally gifted in that area'

Nothing good comes easy. 
Mediocre or mediocrity is the hallmark of lack of love, or a thirst
You do not know the true extent of your innate capability 
Until faced with issues that takes you out of your comfort zone

Those who wants to grow takes the challenge
They embark on the journey of history and soul searching
A journey they return from, never to return to again
Not to the bottom where they started the journey from

Seeds comes alive, different waking up morning for each seed type
They struggle to break free from the hindrance placed by the top soil
A new life breaks free from the entanglements of egg shell
Greasy coverings, nurturing safe haven is no longer good enough
Fear of waiting prey cannot hold back, generations steps to follow
The excitement of an unknown new world to explore beckons

A bright new day must always fight to emerge, smile and shine
The horrors of dreadful pitch darkness can only hold for defined hours 
And never for once is daylight held back by darkness beyond it's time
No matter how dark the pitch darkness is, it gives way to a new day

'You know how to dig these things out' she smiles, finding her voice
'My love, my friend of many decades, what can I do without you?'
'Dig wetin? I am not a well digger', I quickly correct her
'But you should dig a well before you are thirsty' I explain
He who has no thirst has no business at the fountain
The thirst for a meaning, soul food from a fountain of wisdom

'I did not mean that you are a well digger', she continue, face lighted up
'It was well written, you dig wells of words, so beautifully crafted
You sooth my pains, confusion, and relieve my thirst
Your fountain is really a well spring of words. I admire you'

So stressed I have not opened my laptop today
That is good, but you opened it for me, and I am grateful
I have mine opened though, just starring at your words


Finding purpose during a furlough

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