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You are not part of Canada’s richest families, this is why.

It is not that elite. But do you have $1 million in total asset? Add your car, your home, your shoes, the shirt on your back and your next pay cheque. Good, you can breath, you achieve $1.05 million. But, that is still the simple reason why you are nor part of Canada’s richest families.

First, forget becoming a member of this group by climbing up a rickety career ladder.  Well, at some point, it is changed to a golden ladder. To get close to the not so elite group, let us do a few analysis. There are 1.59 million families that have at least $1.6 million in assets that makes them among the […}

Click here to read more; https://business.financialpost.com/executive/posthaste-canadas-3-million-richest-families-have-8-7-trillion-in-assets-but-half-is-tied-in-real-estate