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Experts Predicted A Coronavirus Pandemic


(CNN) In 2017, a team of experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security published a scenario as part of a training exercise that they believed could happen in the not-so-distant future. If experts predicted a coronavirus pandemic, or performed scenario training exercise, how should that be interpreted?

The SPARS Pandemic Scenario

The year is 2025. A few American travelers returning from Asia die of an unknown, influenza-like illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the victims were infected with a novel coronavirus, SPARS-CoV. Nothing is known about this novel coronavirus. There is no rapid diagnostic test. There are no known treatments. And there is no vaccine.

Reading the SPARS Pandemic Scenario is like reading an account of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the scenario wasn’t an attempt to predict the future.

It’s not long before the SPARS outbreak erupts into a global pandemic. The CDC finds SPARS is transmitted through respiratory droplets and recommends that everyone practice hand hygiene and frequently disinfect surfaces.

Experts learn that SPARS has a long incubation period– 7 to 10 days– and that it can be spread by asymptomatic carriers. Pregnant women and those with underlying conditions like asthma and emphysema are at a higher risk for complications and death.

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Social distancing, isolation, narratives in experts predicted pandemic

The WHO begins to recommend social distancing and isolation of suspected cases. There is hope that an existing antiviral drug could help treat SPARS, but there have been no randomized controlled trials. The US Food and Drug Administration issues an Emergency Use Authorization for this drug to treat SPARS patients.

Soon, there is high public demand for the drug and millions of doses are dispensed from the Strategic National Stockpile. However, it soon becomes apparent that the drug can cause serious side effects.

Things become political. Republicans voice their support of the drug while Democrats express doubt. America is more connected yet more divided than ever. Rumors and misinformation regarding the virus and potential treatments circulate on social media.

The economy takes a hit as the pandemic drags on. Within a year, a potential vaccine begins expedited review. And, there are promises that tens of millions of doses will be available within a few months. But of the hundreds of millions of people living in the US, who will get the vaccine first?

Communication in the time of Covid-19

Reading the SPARS Pandemic Scenario is like reading an account of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the scenario wasn’t an attempt to predict the future.

Rather, it was meant to illustrate a broad range of serious challenges that public health communicators might face. The hope was that by working through these challenges as part of a training exercise, federal, state and local agencies would be well prepared to respond to a similar scenario in the future.

If experts predicted a coronavirus pandemic years ago, as something that can happen in the future. That future is now. But many of the public health pitfalls meant to serve as teaching tools seem to have played out before our eyes.

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Home School Tech Startups Supporting Endangered Working Parents

Home School Tech Startups Supporting Endangered Working Parents

The coronavirus has created a looming and real talent crisis. A recent survey from the HR startup Cleo, found that 27% of working parents planned to leave the workforce, up from just 6% in April. A number of home school tech startups that are coming out, may stem this tide for endangered working parents.

Working parents are juggling the seemingly impossible task of keeping their families safe, providing quality education and child care, and remaining at peak productivity in their career.

“Unpaid work of caregiving and household management is in overdrive. It’s this unpaid work that is one of the many barriers to a woman’s economic equality.”

Without solutions, our employers face an imminent threat to talent retention and reductions in productivity, as well as morale, as families’ home-life obligations skyrocket.

Here are some home school tech startups to help your understanding of what is on offer out there. Maxwell.App, is founded by Adriana Cisneros-Basulto. LeadKid Academy, is founded by Debaditya Dutta, Ph.D., Sanjukta Roy and Yujie Ying, Ph.D. TheirSpace, is founded by […]


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Remote Work Is Reshaping San Francisco

Remote_work is reshaping San Francisco

Remote work is reshaping San Francisco, as tech workers flee and rents fall. By giving their employees the freedom to work from anywhere, Bay Area tech companies appear to have touched off an exodus. ‘Why do we even want to be here?’

For years there’s been talk of a potential exodus from the San Francisco Bay Area. This is spurred by the exorbitant cost of living and long, slogging commutes. But before coronavirus, leaving the area meant walking away from some of the best-paying and most prestigious jobs in America.

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There are signs the exodus is finally happening. Silicon Valley, America’s signature hub of innovation, may never be the same. Remote work is reshaping San Francisco to be […]

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Happiness Cannot Be Described, But Can It Be Pursued?
Don't have such a high standard for achieving happiness, that …
BBC Worklife 01-08-JAN-2021: Why Our Pursuit of Happiness is Flawed
A life with loving attachments has been shown to be …
Worklife Crafting Because Worklife Cannot Be Balanced
I think of life as a puzzle. So I carefully …
Productivity Is About Your Systems, Not Your People
Personal solutions are useful, but productivity is about your systems. …

The Thirst For A Meaning, Is It In A Zoom Party?

The Thirst For A Meaning, Is It In A Zoom Party?

The thirst for what heals or builds comes only to those who are hungry for it. Blessed are those who hunger and have the thirst for …, for they shall be filled. What do you hunger and thirst for, or what are you running away from discovering? We try to run, we fill our thirst with anything, running away from our thirst. The thirst for the answer to life, for the meaning of life.

The thirst for a meaning is strong, like a parched hole in a frozen desert
Just like you, I look for it everywhere, and in anything I experience
A search for friendship, love, and meaning behind what is unseen

This is about the third time for her, her thirst for a meaning is strong
She is asking if she can do it, why she is doing it, how she will do it

She has become the 'Zoom party' organizer, the go-to specialist
Not a role she is loving or want to do, but I kept urging her on
Even though I also query the idea of a party without a party?
Definitely not a first choice, but to win the battle against coronavirus
The party must go on - with or without a party

'Trying to get my Zoom party going' she mentioned
I could immediately smell the thirst for a meaning unfolding
'Hard work' she said. 'Not sure why I volunteered to do it'
What can I do, but encourage her on, 'service is love', I chip in
'Hmmm, frozen love?' I could smell the thirst for... getting stronger


Happiness Cannot Be Described, But Can It Be Pursued?
Don't have such a high standard for achieving happiness, that you do …
BBC Worklife 01-08-JAN-2021: Why Our Pursuit of Happiness is Flawed
A life with loving attachments has been shown to be linked to …
Worklife Crafting Because Worklife Cannot Be Balanced
I think of life as a puzzle. So I carefully choose the …
Productivity Is About Your Systems, Not Your People
Personal solutions are useful, but productivity is about your systems. An effective …


The thirst for a meaning, searching for the why, reason for the trouble 
'I am thinking, why, why, why, did I do this to myself?' she is moaning
It is never too late, to discover, nurture, and find your true self
Never too late, to be the better you, the true you that you ought to be

Love. Service. Relationship. Giving. FAMILY - sources of the thirst for ...
'True. But it is hard work. Devastating hard work, but I cannot run
Especially when I am not naturally gifted in that area'

Nothing good comes easy. 
Mediocre or mediocrity is the hallmark of lack of love, or a thirst
You do not know the true extent of your innate capability 
Until faced with issues that takes you out of your comfort zone

Those who wants to grow takes the challenge
They embark on the journey of history and soul searching
A journey they return from, never to return to again
Not to the bottom where they started the journey from

Seeds comes alive, different waking up morning for each seed type
They struggle to break free from the hindrance placed by the top soil
A new life breaks free from the entanglements of egg shell
Greasy coverings, nurturing safe haven is no longer good enough
Fear of waiting prey cannot hold back, generations steps to follow
The excitement of an unknown new world to explore beckons

A bright new day must always fight to emerge, smile and shine
The horrors of dreadful pitch darkness can only hold for defined hours 
And never for once is daylight held back by darkness beyond it's time
No matter how dark the pitch darkness is, it gives way to a new day

'You know how to dig these things out' she smiles, finding her voice
'My love, my friend of many decades, what can I do without you?'
'Dig wetin? I am not a well digger', I quickly correct her
'But you should dig a well before you are thirsty' I explain
He who has no thirst has no business at the fountain
The thirst for a meaning, soul food from a fountain of wisdom

'I did not mean that you are a well digger', she continue, face lighted up
'It was well written, you dig wells of words, so beautifully crafted
You sooth my pains, confusion, and relieve my thirst
Your fountain is really a well spring of words. I admire you'

So stressed I have not opened my laptop today
That is good, but you opened it for me, and I am grateful
I have mine opened though, just starring at your words


Finding purpose during a furlough

We Are All A Little Broken

Worklife with face mask policy – big battles ahead

Myfwl Post Latest Updates 17/7/2020: Worklife with face mask – Boris Johnson says he hopes for ‘return to normality, possible in time for Christmas. Unveils £3bn of funding for NHS in England, along with ‘biggest ever’ flu vaccination programme and new powers to impose local lockdowns.

  • Health Minister, Matt Hancock orders urgent review of PHE Covid-19 death figures.
  • Oxford vaccine team aim to start lab-controlled human trial soon.

“It is my strong and sincere hope that we will be able to review the outstanding restrictions and allow a more significant return to normality from November at the earliest possibly in time for Christmas.

If we continue to pull together, as we have done so far, I know we can beat this virus. We are hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. And it is in that spirit that we must carry on waging this long, hard fight against coronavirus.” – Boris Johnson

In something of a surprise U-turn, the government of UK has announced (on 14th July) that it will be mandatory to wear a face mask in shops in England after 24 July. That is, having worklife with face mask. This is prompting much furore over whether shop workers could reasonably be expected to help the police enforce this.

At the same time, Downing Street said it would keep the guidance on worklife with face mask or coverings in other settings, such as offices, under review, with conflicting messages from different ministers on this then ensuing.

The big question is, will office staff be required to wear face mask – and would this work?

So just how likely is it that the government will mandate mask wearing in the office? And what would be the effect on the timescale in which desk-based workers are likely to return to their workplaces? 

Is it looking likely that office workers will need to wear face masks?

Health secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News the government has no plans to make people wear face coverings in offices. However, environment secretary George Eustice said he hadn’t ruled out the idea of telling people to cover their faces in offices and other workplaces, according to The Telegraph. 

The most up-to-date government guidance states that everyone should still work from home where possible, and that the evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak.

Latest update:

“From 1 August, we will update our advice on going to work.

We’re going to give employers, more discretion and ask them to make decisions about how their staff can work safely. That could mean continuing to work from home. This is one way of working safely and which has worked for many employers and employees. Or it could mean, making workplaces safe.” – Boris Johnson

However, the government’s position on face mask wearing has radically, and in some instances rapidly, changed over the course of the crisis, particularly in relation to retail settings. In the early days of the pandemic, the government insisted there was no, or weak, evidence that masks worked.

Not all worklife with face masks

Not all worklife with face mask, except those in the health sector, some claimed. So they privately scrambled to source enough of face mask for health and social care workers. And this was followed by their mandatory introduction on public transport, but in no other settings. 

Regarding shops, cabinet minister Michael Gove remarked as recently as the weekend that wearing face coverings in shops was “basic good manners” but not an appropriate area for legislation. This was swiftly followed by the announcement that they would be compulsory in stores from the end of July.

But Rachel Suff, senior employment relations adviser at the CIPD, is still sceptical. She highlighted that “there’s no indication yet that the government will change its guidance on face coverings for offices”.

She adds that ”current guidance makes clear one could be marginally beneficial as a precautionary measure in terms of protecting others. But wearing one, is not a replacement for other ways of managing risk of Covid-19 infection at work”.

What would the benefits be?

Rachel McCloy, associate professor in applied behavioural science at the University of Reading, says wearing face masks could help efforts to reopen offices. Getting business back is something government is reportedly very keen to make headway on to preserve the economic prosperity of city centres.

It is reported that Johnson is expected to announce a ‘roadmap’ for getting people back to offices as soon as this week. (see latest updates inserted)

“Wearing masks in situations where we cannot easily adhere to strict social distancing may help businesses. It will reduce social distancing from two metres to one metre, making the prospect of reopening more realistic,” she says. 

What would the drawbacks be?

“Mask wearing at work (or worklife with face mask) is likely to be more uncomfortable for people than it is for shorter periods while shopping or on public transport. It can impact social interactions. Facial expressions are less easy to read and conversations may be harder to follow,” McCloy says.

It would also pose a challenge for HR. Employees may challenge whether it’s reasonable to make someone wear a mask in the office. There’s nothing in employment law to help employers enforce this, adds Ed Griffin, HR director of consultancy and research at the Institute for Employment Studies. 

If this is mandated, there will be an inevitable expectation on employers to provide masks rather than assume employees will buy their own. This could also be financially burdensome for many companies at a time when they need to reduce costs, Griffin adds.

“Reducing cost could be critical to survival. If more things have to be bought, that’s prohibitive. For a large office with hundreds of people, the cost of providing two or three masks to each employee per day would quickly escalate dramatically,” he says. 

There will also be issues to overcome regarding enforcement, particularly where employers share a building with others. “In shared buildings, who’s responsible for enforcement? The poor person on the reception desk? And lifts are incredibly difficult to use because, in theory, they should be cleaned after every use,” says Griffin.

What would employers need to consider to make this work?

Of course none of these drawbacks necessarily mean the government won’t eventually enforce this if it’s deemed necessary to get people back to offices safely. Experts agree that employers making a success of such a policy will depend on how it is implemented. 

Organisations would need to determine who is responsible in each workplace for ensuring this is rolled out. Including what standard of mask an employer will be providing, how many masks will be issued to individual staff per day and where masks will be disposed of, says Griffin.

“Specifics around this will be incredibly important in terms of adherence,” Griffin says. “Including the use of telephones – my guess is that this will be an issue.”

Would a policy requiring face mask wearing in offices speed up or delay office workers returning to work?

Current guidance that staff should work from home if they can is still in force. Many employers are therefore reportedly reluctant to return employees to the office in a way that would contravene official government guidance. Indeed, many have said staff will be working from home until at least the end of the year. Others, such as Twitter and Shopify, have made bold statements around staff being allowed to work from home potentially forever. Especially now that home working has been proved to be such a success.

But Rob Briner, professor of organisational psychology at Queen Mary University of London, argues that the introduction of face masks in the workplace will in fact incentivise workers to return. “One thing putting people off going back to work is the feeling that the world outside their home isn’t safe. If masks help give people a greater sense of safety, I expect it may encourage rather than discourage employees from returning,” he says. 

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“One thing we are learning during this crisis is that, on the whole, people are quite good at working out how to get the same things done but in different ways. It’s bound to feel strange to begin with, but the strangeness soon wears off and we just get on with it.”

Other positive benefits to the rescue

Others feel mandatory face mask wearing could be another reason that can put employers off returning staff to offices any time soon. Why after all should any one suffer uncomfortably in a mask all day? Especially when colleagues will not be unable to take advantage of true in-person interaction because they can’t properly see your facial expressions. And why bother, when you could conduct even face-to-face meetings quite happily, and in fact more effectively, via Zoom? 

McCloy says the positives of coming together in an office will need to outweigh such inconveniences, especially if mask wearing isn’t to deter office workers returning even further. Employers need to give careful thought on this.

“Whether it impacts on a return to work will depend on, if there are other positive benefits to working from the office as opposed to more remote working,” she says.

What about people who can’t wear face mask?

Concerns are also being raised around those for whom worklife with a face mask is difficult or impossible, including people with disabilities or mental illness. For example, face masks can be a real challenge for people who lip read, Griffin says. Although there are some versions of masks appearing that have clear plastic mouth windows where people can see lip movements. “But I don’t know how clear they are – there’s certainly still an issue there,” he says. 

“Some people will say they’re unable to wear face masks all day. People will potentially feel claustrophobic, whereas for others it will become the norm.” 

And for people who are clinically more vulnerable to Covid-19, there is still uncertainty around infections in the air, he adds. And there is not enough clarity on the extent to which infected droplets stay in the air after someone coughs or sneezes. “There’s still not enough clarity for some people in terms of what equates to acceptable risk. Science hasn’t told us yet what the levels of risk are,” Griffin says. 

Myfwl Post updates on writing by Jessica Brown for People Management Magazine under the title, “Will office staff be required to wear face coverings – and would this work?”

Click here to continue reading from the original web page at; https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/news/articles/will-office-staff-be-required-to-wear-face-coverings-and-will-this-work

Two Government departments had remote working policy in place before Covid-19

Two Government departments had remote working policy in place before Covid-19

Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA

Two Government departments had “working from home” policies in place before the coronavirus pandemic, it has emerged. Most other departments have not developed a policy and rely on guidelines from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform issued in recent days and await the development of a long-term policy on remote working […]

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Anxiety Prone Post-COVID Workplace: Will Employees Be Safe?

The Post-COVID Workplace: Will Employees Be Safe?

After nearly four months of a coronavirus-compelled shutdown, many workers across the U.S. are being asked to return to offices and shop floors. The kind of workplace they’ll be returning to, however, is not so clear. After all, COVID-19 cases are active and even on the upswing in areas […]

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Toyota Giving “Eligible” Employees Option to Work from Home Permanently

Toyota Motor Co. is now telling eligible employees that they can work from home permanently, rather than “until further notice,” as the company looks at ways to keep employees safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The employees eligible to take advantage of the plan include clerical and engineering staffers as well as those caring for children or elderly parents. Many white-collar workers are expected to remain home until fall.

That flexibility could save the company some money in the long term, if they discover that there is a large number of people who would prefer working from home and can do so without it impacting the company’s overall operations. This could mean less need for office space. If enough people stay home, teams could be consolidated – in terms of space – requiring fewer offices and, perhaps, even fewer buildings, lowering costs.

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HR’s Compelling New Role In Response To COVID-19

HR’s Compelling New Role In Response To The Coronavirus

HR has a new role amidst the coronavirus–to drive business success and the work experience. The coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous disruption in lives and in business. Human Resources (HR) is key to supporting companies and catalyzing changes in the workplace. HR’s Compelling new role is therefore cut out.

Organizations must rethink, reimagine and reconsider how they foster talent, deliver services and strengthen their organizations through a forward-thinking HR strategy—how they deliver the most compelling work experience.

“As stewards of the organization’s talent, HR has a responsibility to create the practices that maintain focus, create connectivity and ensure continuity between the most critical partnership in the world of work: that between the team leader and the team member.” — Amy Leschke-Kahle, VP Performance Acceleration at The Marcus Buckingham Company, an ADP Company

The issues are complex—including employee support, leadership development, pay and benefits and shifts and strategic partnerships across the organization. Here are some of the most important ways HR can lead, partner and drive for the best in their organizations.

Reimagining The Organization Is A Compelling New Role For HR

Systemic thinking. HR can facilitate dialogues that help ensure the right amounts of reinvention, re-proportioning and re-prioritizing of business goals .

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Company culture. HR can conduct culture assessments and close gaps between current culture and desired culture—helping to manage the myriad variables that affect culture. They can help prioritize where to focus and how to sustain culture through disruptive times.

Leadership. HR has a key role to play in developing leaders, ensuring they are successful and holding them accountable. 

It’s All About Talent

Talent strategies. An organization’s success is based on having talent in the right roles at the right times, and HR is integral to this process. As companies re-open or accelerate their journey back to a fully operational state, every company is a start-up in some way. Start-ups require employees who can invent, solve problems and experiment.

The employee value equation is shifting, and HR is in the best position to ensure robust employer branding, creating a compelling case to attract talent.

Social capital. People need to feel a sense of community, common purpose and camaraderie. Establishing mentorship programs and affiliation groups, developing teams and ensuring thorough onboarding are ways HR can make a difference here.

Engagement. Engagement is tough to ensure when people are working from home. This is because the physical workplace cannot bring people together, contribute to their focus or create camaraderie. HR can recommend best practices for engagement. HR can also keep a finger on the pulse of engagement through quick surveys and the creation of feedback loops.

Diversity, equity and inclusion. HR can bring diverse voices to the table, to decision-making processes and provide equal access to opportunities. HR can enhance empathy, foster civil discourse and help ensure organizations to take action for what is right.

Wellbeing And Work-Life

Holistic wellbeing. Wellbeing is not just about physical wellness, but also about cognitive and emotional health. HR can offer expanded support in everything from employee assistance programs to programs for mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and financial counseling. 

Work-life. Work is a part of life and a full life includes the opportunity to contribute to worthy endeavors through work. Most companies report they will continue some level of working from home. HR must support options for where people work, when they work and even the extent to which they are supported in their home offices with furniture or ergonomic solutions.

Overall, HR is in a fundamentally influential role to ensure success of organizations through and beyond the pandemic. Facilitating reentry to the office are all critical and uniquely skilled contributions HR can make.


The above is an extract, a reformatted version of the original. The original write up was by Tracy Brower and it is available on Forbes through the Weblink below.

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Coronavirus : When Self Alone, Should Come First

I rushed from my bed, ran out. Then ran back into the bedroom. This is likely to be a long haul job, I thought to myself. I switched off everything in the bedroom that is not necessary to be on, while I ran to my study to do the needful. Whaoh ! CORONAVIRUS : When self alone, should come first !!!


While on my bed and doing my early morning routines. I got a message on one of my emails to confirm something. What, I did not think twice, I swiped, and I got a message that reads, ‘Check your Samsung SM-N975F’. What, hackers have got my email. No, I don’t have a Samsung SM-N975F! Resend? No WAY!

Age of Self Protection – From Migrants, Coronavirus (Covid-19), HIV, Influenza or Enemy Cyber Actions – War, Influence, Attack, Theft, etc.

Maybe my state of alertness was high because my friend’s phone just got hacked into. His registered mobile number on our WhatsApps group was changed to another number by the hacker.

Furiously In A State of Helpless

Furiously, I tried all I could, but I was helpless. So sad, I got little help from Yahoo support team. Not this time, I screamed as Yahoo’s 800-293-5568 helpline was busy. If this is happening for real, I felt completely helpless. Rather, Yahoo’s immediate online support seemed to be more interested in selling me Yahoo Mail Pro! But that is a better future protection. I need a solution for a current problem.

After several hours going back and forth on my own, I felt I have done enough to assure myself that. Maybe my email account is still safe. But the one that made me laugh at myself is this …

Am more than sure that my phone is called Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. I have never seen any advert or message calling the same phone, Samsung SM-N975F. Phew! You mean, that email message that asked me to Check my Samsung SM-N975F was just saying, ‘check Samsung Galaxy Note 10+?’

And not that the message went to an hackers phone? But I did not get any message. So, I was justified to feel threatened. What if the message had gone to an hackers phone? He/she would have used the code to open my email from his/her end, on his/her phone. Possibly change my email password and … yes, my mind ran through so many possibilities.

Whaoh ! CORONAVIRUS : When self alone, should come first !!!

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Wait… I just got a debit alert for a WEB buy. I have not bought anything today. Any scammer working my account? No. It’s not happening to me. Wait… It’s a delayed reoccurring payment. I changed my debit card details few days ago and the failed invoice has just been processed.

When Self Alone, Should Come First.

Who is Self – Individual, Family, Group, District, State, or Country?

WhatsApp Two-Steps Verification Security

When the hacking issue happened to my friend, someone ‘shouted’ out some instructions as if our life depended on it. Hello everyone, let us quickly address this issue before it gets out of hand.
When your WhatsApp account is hacked, the hacker simply starts using your integrity. This can include using your contact list to send fake messages or news, stealing of your identity and use of the access that he/she now has into accounts and system for other criminal activities. 

On WhatsApp (or your Bank etc – depending on how far the hacker has gone), the hacker can change your phone number to theirs and replace you with him/herself.
To prevent such a thing from happening to you on WhatsApp, follow these steps:
Go to ‘settings’ on your WhatsApp,
Click on ‘Account’, 
Now, click on ‘Two- step verification’, 
Enter pin,
Input your email address 
And save. 

WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification if you or anyone else wants to access your account from a fresh system or change your details. I did this, ages ago on my WhatsApp, and I have tried protecting my email and systems as best as I could. But yes, I know I am still vulnerable. This is not the first trial to get into me. Within the week, I had another attempt that seems to come from an IP in Vietnam.

Which border should we close against Virus or Cyber Attacks?

Tell me, which flight should be cancelled?

Which Military power, intelligence or capability should be deployed?

When individuals are under attack, how can the state intervene?

Whaoh ! CORONAVIRUS : When self alone, should come first !!!

When is it right for Self alone to come first?

Considering my recent experiences, I began to think of other ‘attacks’ that are happening all around the world. From Turkey opening her land borders for migrants to enter Greece, US closing her air borders against some countries, Russia accused of cyber influence or attack in US elections and a claim that some Nigerians of Fulani descent have asked other Fulani’s’ across Northern Africa to come and settle in Nigeria against the wishes of other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

When is it right for Self alone to come first? Is it when we want to be a far right ideologist/activities, have America come first in our rants or policy or only after we can properly define ‘Self’. When is it okay for it to be just about, I, me and myself ?

“To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family” – Michelle Obama

“Taking care of yourself, doesn’t mean, ‘me first’, it means, ‘me too'”

While other necessities could not freely enter Iran, the political and economic isolation of the country hasn’t stopped COVID-19. Sanctions are threatening to turn an outbreak into a catastrophe. Iran now has the highest number of deaths outside China.

Who Should Give Up, Individuals In Despondency Or Nations After Words War?

Yet, despite the current state of hostilities between the US and Iran, and sanctions placed on the country by coalition forces including the EU, the major players have all offered some help. France, Germany, UK has offered Iran €5m in aid and emergency equipment to combat coronavirus. China has sent personnel, and the World Health Organization have also sent a planeload of assistance.

We are always about ‘Self’, FIRST, then thereafter, others. Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF! But be Selfless in service to others.

Whaoh ! CORONAVIRUS : When self alone, should come first !!!