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The Power Of Personal Profile – Warwick Business School


There is a lot of power and developmental transformation that you can mine from your personal profile if you can just give it the right attention and focus.

Your personal profile is beyond what is written. It is beyond the personal descriptive statement that you put on your social media ‘DP’ or on your resume. It is what characterize who you are, your accomplishments, strength and skills. This is about your future riding on your past.

Personal profile can be one of the most powerful elements in your business armoury, but you have to know what tools and techniques will help you build it, protect it and drive your success. Culturally, many of us are brought up not to “toot our own horns” or “shout about our successes.” But in today’s highly competitive world, if you don’t stand out, you’re likely to watch those with a higher profile pass you by on their way to the top. 

Throughout this interactive and practical session, Vanessa will share stories from her career; starting in Banking in the City at 16 and her rise to the C-suite. 

Vanessa will provide the top tips she’s picked up in corporates, as an entrepreneur and as a network leader, and encourage you to become comfortable with raising your profile.

The Power of Profile – Toot Your Horns

  • How to stop feeling like an imposter
  • How to focus on your personal brand and exhibit leadership behaviours
  • The importance of networking and building relationships for the future
  • Speed networking – Getting to know your fellow guests
  • Optimising your digital footprint 
  • Coach, Mentor, Sponsor – who can help you drive your career
  • The importance of giving back. 

Vanessa will provide guidance on a wide array of profile -raising opportunities that are easy to implement straight away.

She’ll help you take the next steps towards raising your profile and attracting opportunities to progress in your career and help others too.


The Power of Personal Profile: Event Date: 25 November 2020

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Home School Tech Startups Supporting Endangered Working Parents

Home School Tech Startups Supporting Endangered Working Parents

The coronavirus has created a looming and real talent crisis. A recent survey from the HR startup Cleo, found that 27% of working parents planned to leave the workforce, up from just 6% in April. A number of home school tech startups that are coming out, may stem this tide for endangered working parents.

Working parents are juggling the seemingly impossible task of keeping their families safe, providing quality education and child care, and remaining at peak productivity in their career.

“Unpaid work of caregiving and household management is in overdrive. It’s this unpaid work that is one of the many barriers to a woman’s economic equality.”

Without solutions, our employers face an imminent threat to talent retention and reductions in productivity, as well as morale, as families’ home-life obligations skyrocket.

Here are some home school tech startups to help your understanding of what is on offer out there. Maxwell.App, is founded by Adriana Cisneros-Basulto. LeadKid Academy, is founded by Debaditya Dutta, Ph.D., Sanjukta Roy and Yujie Ying, Ph.D. TheirSpace, is founded by […]


The above is not the full story. Myfwl/Work Life Feed re-adapted the write up for short minutes readers. Click here to view the full original write up at omaha.com

‘Toxic’ Workplace Claims – Ellen Degeneres Fires 3 Top Producers


The Ellen DeGeneres Show has fired three top producers. This is in the wake of ‘toxic’ workplace claims of on-set sexual misconduct and workplace bullying.

DeGeneres broke the news to employees in a video-conference call on Monday afternoon. There she described the recent ‘toxic’ workplace claims – allegations as ‘heartbreaking’, one source reported.    

In a message to staff, she said she was “so sorry for what this has become,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman have all been ousted from the popular talk show.

This is following accusations leveled against them by current and former staffers, according to Variety.  The departures is also said to follow investigations by journalists into claims of bullying and intimidation on set.

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An attorney for Leman said his client was ‘devastated’ about being ‘scapegoated.’ He described his ousting from the show as ‘shocking’. 

‘The fact that a deeply flawed BuzzFeed article has led to the termination of an innocent man – a popular figure and a creative force behind the “Ellen” show, and a string of other projects produced with Ellen – is shocking.’ Michael Plonsker said in a statement, referring to a Buzzfeed article where allegations against the producer first surfaced.

In a story published earlier this year, several former employees told Buzzfeed News they had experienced racism while working on the show. The show has won over 60 Emmy Awards since it first aired in 2003.

Other sources we are tracking at this moment. Dailymail Ellen FIRES three top producers after ‘toxic’ workplace claims.

When Life Breaks – It Brings Half Of White And Red

When Life Breaks - It Brings Half Of White And Red

When life breaks forth – it brings half of white and another half of red, the breaking forth of a song then follows.

When life breaks forth, Worklife starts and takes almost all of our Life. We are so dedicated or so afraid of losing that which we hold in our hands. Bills to pay, the privileges of a position. The communion of friends and colleagues at work.

A cherish mill, that makes sure the wheel of our social network and paying cards are well oiled and maintained.

Then, we dedicate so much of our existence and substance to work. Our emotions, our being, talent, strength, hope and faith. It becomes the whole essence of life, Worklife! No, working life. All of life then becomes all about working.

Not just the white collar office career work. Surely it is beyond the artisan or gig economy struggles. Don’t even classify it with the pursuits of career politicians. Or the drudgery and bureaucracy of civil service; local, national or international.

Hackers, fraudsters, traffickers, launderers, cheaters, liars and mere time miss-managers. All require a lot of work to do, cover up, explain or justify.

But it is just Half of Work and Half of Life. One leg of letter ‘W’ at Work and the other half enmeshed in L(ife). A Work-Life Logo.

Work-Life! It is birth in red, with the flow of cleansing blood, that spurns a child’s innocence in white. We get the ‘Feed’ and Worklife Digest it. It is a journey, Work-Life Feed.

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Innocence and Integrity Exposed, When Life Breaks

A birth in innocence, and how we should not forget that start. The gift of the blood. That is washed off as inconsequential to cleanse the baby; washing more than seen. As it washes open the rot behind the innocence.

A new human being is born. Who will this one turn out to be? Preferably, like you? No, like them or never like any of us!

A journey that was all glued in innocence. An assumed integrity that is exposed, once the blood that a baby is birth with is washed off. Exposed within hours. A cry, a request, a demand – and it just have to be all about the baby. Even when a treasury, a marriage, a relationship, a love is looted, or when a worklife enters into workplace battle field.

It has to be all about the big baby inside, now grown and coming out as the bigger human. A cry, a request, a demand, it just have to be all about the baby.

Nothing is birth, cleansed, healed or made perfect, except by and with the blood. A tear, a cut, a pain (no matter how much we’re tranquilized) must proceed the process. It washes away our innocence or pretense. Giving us an opportunity to reconcile.

We should not forget this; baby innocence never reaches adulthood, but the exposed hidden rot do. We should not forget it as a life lesson, even as we pursue greatness or get consumed with work. Welcome Worklife Feed!

MerryMates, Myfwl Editor

Don’t Play It Safe, Don’t Shorten Your Career And Life

Don't Play It Safe, Don't Shorten Your Career And Life

I have played it safe many times, that was when I was growing up. And I must say, I paid very dearly during those times. Don’t play it safe, it can be expensive. But don’t rush into things in a rash, that will also get from you, a leg and a arm. For months, I have tried to work with some colleagues, but there has been no progress.

To get some traction, I pulled out of the alliance, to do things solo. Most have been amazed at the unimaginable success achieved. No one need to remind me that if I am going fast, it is because I went alone. This is a project that should go far, and will benefit everyone. Got stuck again, trying to go far. Tough luck going together with everyone, including the unwilling and the saboteurs. Forced again, halted to a grind, playing it safe, for safety reasons and to go far.

Every time another horrible event happens, I jump out of my skin, and go solo. I just cannot play it safe, else we will all end up losers.

“If you want to go fastgo alone. If you want to go fargo together.” —African Proverb

Science shows what unhealthy job and life habits terminate our careers as well as our lives. Health-related job stress has become a worldwide problem. A Gallup Poll reported that 80% of American workers suffer some type of stress on the job. And half say they need help learning how to manage it. So don’t play it safe when it comes to tackling these enemy forces.

According to research, chronic work and life stress can be just as bad for your mental and physical well-being as smoking cigarettes and can lead to premature death. Here are some bad work and life habits that can contribute to poor health, low job performance and early demise.

Be A Desk Potato

Most people spend an average of 10 hours a day in a car, at the computer or in front of TV. If you sit a lot, you’re more likely to build stress, gain weight and develop heart disease and diabetes. Mounting evidence shows conclusively that one of the biggest factors that contribute to premature death is sitting too much. Death by siting down!

Don’t play it safe with comforting, killing long sitting. Your body was not designed for long periods of sitting. Studies show that ‘parking‘ yourself for more than four to six hours a day puts you at an 80% greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

Regular exercise strengthens the heart, brain, muscles, bones and immune system. It gives you a natural high and a positive outlook on life. Just moving around can cut your risk of sudden cardiac arrest by 92%.

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Have A Pessimistic Outlook

Pessimism is a career and life killer. Don’t play it safe when you need to kick it as if you are in a $100 million reward loaded, world heavy weight boxing bout. Statistics show that on average, pessimists live seven and a half years less than optimists.

Optimism is some of the best medicine to boost your career and life, no matter how dire the circumstances.

Don’t Get Enough Shut Eye

A long-term sleep study shows that people who sleep less than six hours at night have a decline in brain function. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re at greater risk of stroke, and your risk of death from heart disease more than doubles.

Lack of sleep is also linked to depression, impaired immune system function, weight gain, hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.

Grab, Gobble, Gulp And Go

If you’re like many job-stressed Americans (an estimated 75% according to experts), you practice mindless eating because work takes precedence over your well-being. You hit the ground running, grab a Danish, and scurry out the door to work, sloshing coffee on your clothes as you rush to the office.

Maybe you even skip lunch altogether or eat a taco while digging through piles of work at your desk. Perhaps in the evening you throw a frozen dinner in the oven in time to help the kids with their homework. The next morning, you hop on the (not so merry) merry-go-round and repeat the same routine until week’s end.

Now that the pandemic has slowed things down, and perhaps you have been working from home, what changes have you made in that part of your life? What difference have you noticed?

In an attempt to keep your energy up, before now, you use stimulant drinks. If you’re like many frenzied workers, you play it safe with what you eat. You grab, gobble, gulp and go without paying attention to your hunger or taste. When you’re work stressed, eating becomes a task to complete instead of an experience to enjoy.

If you gulp down a Coke, hamburger and fries so you can hurry back to the office, you’re stress eating, which only raises your stress level. You’re feeding your stress instead of managing it. Treat mealtime as a singular activity with value in its own right. Sit down, eat slowly, and chew a few times before swallowing. Paying attention to textures, aromas and flavors of your food help you to relax and enjoy your meal as well as aid in digestion. Plus, it gives your stomach time to tell your brain when it’s full, and you are less likely to eat as much.

Rise And Grind

Some think it’s hip to work 24/7 with no breaks. They proudly announce that they binge for 18 hours or three days on a project with little or no sleep or food—shunning down time or vacations. Shame if the forced lock down or staycation (not vacation) has not been used as a great time of introspection.

If this sounds like you, you can showboat the hustle culture now and wear it as a badge of honor. But in the long run, studies show you will have a slow demise. You cut your career short, destroy your mental and physical health, impair relationships and die an earlier death than your cohorts.

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health”

The hustle lifestyle not only steals your soul, it impairs your mental and physical health,. This is more so, when you play it safe with bad balance in your work life. Tell yourself, there’s a limit to what you can do and put the rest out of the picture. Start to see this attitude not as weakness but strength.

Don’t Play It Safe – Play It Safe

No, that sub title didn’t say, play it safe, read again. It says, don’t play it safe! In different scenarios and circumstance, should it be a single consistent option every time? Statistics show that you have more stamina to continue to take safety risks after a car crash than to continue after a series of psychological defeats.

Fear of failure leads to fear of success. If you seek safety in routine works, but avoiding taking on risky, unfamiliar, unknown, unexplored or the unexpected, you are actually avoiding success. Routines are secure and comforting, but they can become stale and confining.

Studies show that risk takers are happier, smarter and live longer. They climb the company ladder faster, make more money and are more content with their lives. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts found that getting outside your comfort zone can actually extend your life.

“Career growth and a long, healthy life happen outside your comfort zone.”

Studies show that you have a greater chance of achieving success if you stick your neck out. The solution? Stretch yourself. Instead of fleeing from career unknowns, step into the unfamiliar and unexpected, embrace novelty and build your resilience.

What edge can you go to in your work today? Think of it, what unpredictable bridge can you jump off to sprout your wings? What limb can you reach to get to the fruit of the tree?

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How the founders of Chief, a private network for C-suite women, are expanding amid the pandemic

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C-suite careers advice: Peter Pezaris, CodeStream

C-suite careers advice: Peter Pezaris, CodeStream

The worst piece of business advice that I ever received is that a “great idea” is all you need to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Peter Pezaris is Founder & CEO of CodeStream, a service that helps development teams discuss, review, and understand code. Prior to CodeStream, Pezaris was Founder & CEO of Glip, a team collaboration platform acquired by RingCentral in 2015, and Multiply.com, a social commerce platform acquired by Naspers in 2010. He also founded Commissioner.com, one of the first online fantasy sports platforms, which was acquired by CBS in 1999.

A great idea gets you 5% of the way. The other 95% is execution, manifested by wanting it more and working harder than your competitors. And to get to a c-level position, focus on the following;

  • Integrity,
  • Hard work,
  • Ability to keep learning every day

Other questions and answers.

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Can Coronavirus end office working?

Coronavirus: Is this the end of office working in Wales?

Nearly half of working adults in the UK have been working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Nearly half of all working adults (49%) in the UK are working from home due to coronavirus, according to the latest figures. Before the pandemic, it was just 5%.

“A full return to the office seems a strange prospect. Remote meetings are set to stay. This is how the world does business now.”

The Big Debate – To Return or To Stay?

To Stay

  • For employees, the prospect of saving hours travelling to work every day has clear benefits for their well-being, work-life balance and wallets, as well as the climate.
  • Company’s has seen that people can be just as effective, if not more so, working from home.
  • Trading daily commute time for increased time at home, for exercise or for personal development, are helping people to feel more satisfied, engaged and more productive.
  • There is less traffic on the roads, supporting the improvements the globe is seeing in reduced carbon usage.
  • If workers are to return to a central office, businesses are having to adapt to social distancing guidelines.

To return

  • City centre locations will remain attractive to employers because people always need to collaborate to learn, to create, to innovate.
  • Some have missed the social interaction and creativity offered by working closer with colleagues.
  • Large companies need people to come together to create a culture or train new members of staff.
  • Being in offices allow members of staff to enjoy being part of a team.
  • Working from home can present challenges, including interruptions by spouse, children and pets.
  • Some homes are just not conducive and don’t have the space for productive work.
  • Some businesses cannot be run from home, yet they too can be badly affected because others are going to be working from home.

“We need people to come back to work to bring city centres back to life because there’s synergy between people working and cafes, sandwich bars, shops and pubs for socialising.”

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‘Without suffering you cannot achieve anything’ – Zidane ‘proud’ of Madrid stars after coming through Getafe test

How right is Zinedine Zidane in his conclusion about what is required to achieve victory? He acknowledged a lot of things that shows he has the right focus and attitude. “We played against the bottom team, but they always make it difficult for you. Without suffering you cannot achieve anything.

“I think that with patience it was known that the goal could be reached.”

The greatest challenge that we all face in life, is the one where we must deal with our-self, a team, everyone, and someone called, others.

Notice his use of we (team) and not I. What should you also focus on to move the needle from where you are now, to where you desire to be in that particular area of life? I have a few, you may think of more. 

  • Recognize the opponent (size of the goal)
  • Review your capacity (S.W.O.T. – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats)
  • Know yourself (your team, self-awareness, emotional intelligence etc)
  • Go for the kick (take action)

Zidane, whose in-form Madrid side travel to Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, added: “We knew that we would suffer a lot. They pressed very high, it has cost us a little, but it is normal…have peace of mind, because these are key moments … because it has not been easy, physically or mentally.”

“If you want something, go for it. Giving up should not be an option because only by going forward will you succeed”. — Anna Chui

To read more, go to:



NFL GMs, coaches find being homebound provides better work-life balance

NFL GMs, coaches find being homebound provides better work-life balance

“I never thought I could be as efficient working exclusively from home since mid-March,” Quinn said. “It has opened my eyes to be able to spend a little less time at the office.”

“Everyone that works in football and other professional sports sacrifices a lot of family time,”

Lions coach Matt Patricia says his work-life balance has not been good in the past, but he hopes it will improve in the wake of being forced to work remotely. AP/Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved First in, last out. NFL general managers and coaches, and those who […]

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