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Our Residency: Work-Life Quotes

Work-Life Quotes – Words Beyond Words; No 10 Page, www.worklifefeed.com

“Every Work-Life moment is an adventure. Some are cherished, many are despised. Complaints and quotes are the expression of the beauties or pains”

– akin Adeleye

Work-Life Quotes.

Our work defines us. But our life, though a blank canvas, with us holding the paint brush, is undefined for some. The work-life journey; its twist and bends, the battles and victories, scars and trophies, smiles and cries – all mere experiences. Soon tucked away in the cloud server of the mind.

For some, we hold unhelpful memorials – beating ourselves over and over for failures we did not win. Yet successes that we relive as escapades to lift our spirit triumphantly, are just experiences; just like the taste of wine, the warmth of a hug – smiles released because of a promotion, a gift, a good deed.

Cherish Every Moment of Your Work-Life

Work-Life Quotes – Words Beyond Words! Every minute of your life has a expiration date which is “Now!” Once a moment has passed, it is gone forever except relived in quotes in our memories. Cherishing moments as they happen will not only help you feel thankful for life, but also help you to have a more positive and happy outlook, and pleasant Work-Life Quotes – Words, to use beyond now in the realm of memories.

Work-Life Quotes_Work-Life Feed
Work-Life Quotes – Words Beyond Words

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