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Working Life

It is not all about work, when we give all of our self to work. There are ways to make our working life a gift to our life; not a drain on it.

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Come and take a ride with us as we explore the technology and gadgets used in the workplace today. And the amazing new ones for the future of work.

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Should you be congratulated that you are retired, retiring or thinking about it? This is wishing you all the best for an amazing entry into retirement! Enjoy the new chapter in your life.

But now that you are retired, what are you going to do with all of that free time? Before you go into retirement, shouldn’t you be thinking hard about this?

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Workplace, The Battlefield

The workplace is a great place for colleagues to enjoy social connections, bond and make great things happen, together. If it is a place of great fear and stress for you, you may be advocating for the elimination of tension and conflicts in the workplace.

Avoiding workplace conflicts probably sounds nice, but is it feasible, healthy or in the best interest of the work life?

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Life in Style

Come and explore the learning’s, purpose and life definition from the way others live their life in style.

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Professional Institutes

What are the two things you are doing to advance your professional growth? Are you on the path of professional development or learning?

Professional development is typically single-shot. A one-size-fits-all workshops or program for teachers based on the expertise of the individuals delivering the session. Whereas, professional learning on the other hand is targeted, and based on the specific learning needs of the students and school community.”

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My mentor, thank you for the greatest gift that you always give me. Your time! During each session when you give me your time, you are giving me a portion of your life that you will never get back. Thank you.

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Workplace Faith

Will you support any one to bring their faith to work? Do you bring your faith to work or you drop it at the office door before getting inside?

All people of divers faith deal with the work issues that every other person deal with; deadlines, career growth, difficult people, personal area for development and office politics. Don’t people apply their faith in managing all of these issues? How should a person of faith approach life at work?

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