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The Best Part of Fun, Work and Life is You

Take this as final! Worklife Feed is the go-to hub for conversation about Work-life and handpicked contents for fulfilling work-life balance. Including handpicked contents for a fulfilling Life, decorated by Work & Fun. Work-life Feed is loading across channels and platforms, just to work for you!

You can be an old pro looking to enhance everything about your work life. Perhaps you are even a rookie starting out in retirement, marriage, career, or post-college, with big ideas, and aspirations. Somehow, you can be a “talent”, on full throttle, trying to get a footing and a balance. Wherever you are on life’s precarious journey, Worklife Feed portal will make have an offer that can take you further than where we met you.

Work-life Feed supports everyone, even anyone who thinks they are a know-nothing “investor” in Work-life.

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Why Worklife Feed?

Sustenance of life for every living creature is intricately connected through one form of movements, or activities of the creature or its parts. Even while these may be involuntary, unnoticeable and inconsequential motions, they produce products and outcomes that sustains life. But whenever a living cell or (human) being stops “moving” (internally or externally), or stops being involved with its ecosystem for a period beyond what is sustainable, its existence begins to expire. Even in hibernation there is internal and external forms of body cells movements.

“Several times in life, we just want a taste, a feel, an experience; that is all we are seeking. And after we get it, it is all over.”

– Work-life Feed

Fierce or cowardly, the movements of all living creatures, internal or external are mostly directed at work, fun or survival related activities. We move and we all just work with our life! Every form of life and all work life are so strongly intertwined; though sadly or happily, it may just depend on experiences. Yet, what is defined as work can defer under various scenarios, circumstances, reasoning, and times.

Worklife feed aims to separate this inter-twined ‘twins’, capture the essence of life – work, and importantly, we want to help you to Rediscover Life, and Just Do Work!

Ride Life in a Worktram or Life Autonomous Vehicle

As we enter into a new period in human existence – the future of work and living – we need to understand that our whole being as humans will be impacted. The Worklife Feed platform is designed to go along with you on this journey, and help you undertake this transition in the best way you can. Life Impact Living is a key step in this direction.

Getting a better deal in life is not through thoughtless and unplanned coincidences. Likewise, to make a great impact in life takes more than living life in our shadow. There is the need to step out, and courageously take on issues.

Just do work, do not live to work. Rediscover life, do not hibernate. Use up your life, give up some of it serving and impacting others, there is no part of it to conserve. There is no point trying to get your body temperature to drop and getting your breathing and heart rates to slow down so that your body can burn calories slower. Like an animal in hibernation. Slowing aging to survive longer is not the game. It is how well, not how long!

Carry out a little action now, speak to a rainbow. If you cannot find one, dream of it, create one in your imagination. Go on that journey, fiercely as you want it to be, romantic as you have ever wanted it to feel, and saintly as pure as your heart have always strived for. Create your tomorrow, you do not need a license or permission to do it. Build the castle in your mind, no land purchase, building permit, or contracts to sign. Give yourself the permission to act, now! It is your today, tomorrow, and your future.

Welcome to Work-life

Our work defines us. But our life, though a blank canvas, with us holding the paint brush, is undefined for some. The journey, its twist and bends, the battles and victories, scars and trophies, smiles and cries are mere experiences. Many tucked away in the cloud server of the mind. For some, we hold unhelpful memorials – beating ourselves over and over for failures we did not win. Yet successes that we relive as escapades to lift our spirit triumphantly, are just experiences; just like the taste of wine, the warmth of a hug – smiles released because of a promotion, a gift, a good deed.

Our Life Experiences: Several times in life, we just want a taste, a feel, an experience; that is all we are seeking. And after we get it, it is all over. You therefore need to always remember this, the best part of fun, work, and life is you. Get Linked into this. Rediscover Worklife. Rediscover Life – Just Do Work! Worklife or Work-life.