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Remote Work Is It, As New COVID-19 Wave Hits

As a new wave COVID-19 cases hits, remote work becomes the norm

image: Andrew James/ Remote Work Is It, As New COVID-19 Wave Hits

Millions of United States parents have been working from home since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March. And since then, they have been attempting to strike a balance between work, school and family time.

Gina DeRosa was thrilled when her year-long internship at the Department of Education in Pennsylvania in the United States turned into her first full-time job out of college.

But two months into her role, DeRosa has never met her colleagues in person. Trained entirely online by her supervisor, who she had met prior to Philadelphia’s COVID-19 lockdown, DeRosa interacts with her coworkers exclusively over Zoom.

“When you work with your colleagues right there, you can just ask them a question and walk [over] to them,” DeRosa, 22, told Al Jazeera. “It was definitely an adjustment.”

Remote work has also been a challenge for many. This is so especially for workers juggling caring for babies or managing remote learning for school-aged children. Young people eager to go out into the world and build a name for themselves are also finding it tough.

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“For young people, you just wanted to go out there – you want to meet people. You’re graduating from college, you want to extend your social circle. This is a time when you were going to do that,” Lynn Berger, a New York City-based career coach, told Al Jazeera. “If you’re young and you’re living by yourself, you might really [be] missing that.”

Remote Work Is It And Working From Anywhere Is Okay

When workers were first sent home from the office in the early days of the pandemic, some found silver linings.

Andrew James, 47, a senior account executive for an enterprise software firm, flew from New York City to Miami, Florida. That was in March, to be with his long-distance girlfriend of three years.

“This pandemic, weirdly, has made me a father,” James told Al Jazeera of his new living arrangement with his partner and her three children.

James said not having to take the subway every morning, wear a button-down shirt every day and pick up the dry cleaning every week has freed up time for other things. And this is leading to a new work-life balance that he is enjoying.

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Source: Aljazeera

Life Must Continue Even If Chickens Have To Take Maths


Chickens in class: Private school owner uses building as poultry farm since life must continue even if the work is redefined. What is work, and what is life? How do work-life integrate so that in living life, we know the difference between work to live and live to work.

“I hope even my teachers are still doing something because life must continue,”

Source AP (KIRINYAGA, Kenya) — Chickens have replaced students in one Kenyan school as struggling educators make what money they can after the country’s studies were called off until January.

Private schools in the East African nation say they are hit especially hard. More than 300,000 staff are mostly on unpaid leave until classes resume, said Peter Ndoro, CEO of Kenya’s Private Schools Association.

Life must continue, and with Kenyan schools closed, one turns to raising chickens

In the classroom-turned-poultry farm, owner Beatrice Maina called the situation “a disaster as far as academics is concerned.” Her Mwea Brethren School is normally attended by over 300 children and has 20 full-time teachers. But all have been sent home.

As the economy sputters, Maina is raising a different flock altogether in the empty classrooms.

“Blackboards now display her notes on chicken rearing. Dates of deworming and data for feed have long replaced multiplication tables.”

Maina’s not alone. Some colleagues have ventured into other businesses.

“I hope even my teachers are still doing something because life must continue,” she said.

Schools in Kenya have been closed since March. Public schools are in a slightly better state because the government is paying some salaries for teachers and staff, Ndoro said.

He worries about the spirits of his colleagues.

“This has really affected our teachers and we do not know if they will have the … morale to come back,” he said.

Interesting response to AP Twitter post on the subject:


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‘Toxic’ Workplace Claims – Ellen Degeneres Fires 3 Top Producers


The Ellen DeGeneres Show has fired three top producers. This is in the wake of ‘toxic’ workplace claims of on-set sexual misconduct and workplace bullying.

DeGeneres broke the news to employees in a video-conference call on Monday afternoon. There she described the recent ‘toxic’ workplace claims – allegations as ‘heartbreaking’, one source reported.    

In a message to staff, she said she was “so sorry for what this has become,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman have all been ousted from the popular talk show.

This is following accusations leveled against them by current and former staffers, according to Variety.  The departures is also said to follow investigations by journalists into claims of bullying and intimidation on set.

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An attorney for Leman said his client was ‘devastated’ about being ‘scapegoated.’ He described his ousting from the show as ‘shocking’. 

‘The fact that a deeply flawed BuzzFeed article has led to the termination of an innocent man – a popular figure and a creative force behind the “Ellen” show, and a string of other projects produced with Ellen – is shocking.’ Michael Plonsker said in a statement, referring to a Buzzfeed article where allegations against the producer first surfaced.

In a story published earlier this year, several former employees told Buzzfeed News they had experienced racism while working on the show. The show has won over 60 Emmy Awards since it first aired in 2003.

Other sources we are tracking at this moment. Dailymail Ellen FIRES three top producers after ‘toxic’ workplace claims.

Why join Chief, a private network for C-suite women?

How the founders of Chief, a private network for C-suite women, are expanding amid the pandemic

When Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan launched Chief in January 2019, their goal was to create a small private network for executive women to receive the resources and support they needed. As C-suite leaders themselves, the founders knew about the lack of mentorship and guidance women received as they […]

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Can Coronavirus end office working?

Coronavirus: Is this the end of office working in Wales?

Nearly half of working adults in the UK have been working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Nearly half of all working adults (49%) in the UK are working from home due to coronavirus, according to the latest figures. Before the pandemic, it was just 5%.

“A full return to the office seems a strange prospect. Remote meetings are set to stay. This is how the world does business now.”

The Big Debate – To Return or To Stay?

To Stay

  • For employees, the prospect of saving hours travelling to work every day has clear benefits for their well-being, work-life balance and wallets, as well as the climate.
  • Company’s has seen that people can be just as effective, if not more so, working from home.
  • Trading daily commute time for increased time at home, for exercise or for personal development, are helping people to feel more satisfied, engaged and more productive.
  • There is less traffic on the roads, supporting the improvements the globe is seeing in reduced carbon usage.
  • If workers are to return to a central office, businesses are having to adapt to social distancing guidelines.

To return

  • City centre locations will remain attractive to employers because people always need to collaborate to learn, to create, to innovate.
  • Some have missed the social interaction and creativity offered by working closer with colleagues.
  • Large companies need people to come together to create a culture or train new members of staff.
  • Being in offices allow members of staff to enjoy being part of a team.
  • Working from home can present challenges, including interruptions by spouse, children and pets.
  • Some homes are just not conducive and don’t have the space for productive work.
  • Some businesses cannot be run from home, yet they too can be badly affected because others are going to be working from home.

“We need people to come back to work to bring city centres back to life because there’s synergy between people working and cafes, sandwich bars, shops and pubs for socialising.”

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Greatest Work-life balance Ideas that draws South Korea’s IT brightest talents to Pangyo Techno Valley

Work-life balance draws IT talents to Pangyo Techno Valley

South Korea’s brightest IT minds are gathering to Pangyo Techno Valley — a tech hub modeled after Silicon Valley in the US — not only because of its vicinity to Seoul but also because of its culture that seemingly respects greatest work-life balance, something rare among traditional big companies.

The phenomenon is attributed to the rise of IT powerhouses that have nestled in Pangyo, as well as the changing perception of success among the younger generation, industry watchers say. Working long hours at the expense of their private lives no longer serves their career purpose, they explain.

Greatest Work-life balance Ideas

  1. Top-tier day care centers
  2. Perks while working
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Provision of housing support

The day cay centers’ menu is monitored by parents and they can access security cameras if a request is made. “It’s great to go to work and get off work together with my kids and it’s reassuring that the day cay center is right next my work place,” a Games employee said. For mothers breastfeeding their babies, a lactation room is equipped with a private breastfeeding space, electric breastfeeding pumps, a baby bottle sterilizer and a breast milk refrigerator.

While kids are in the good hands of day cay centers, employees can enjoy beer during work to relax. For employees who don’t like beer, some companies offer fresh coffee brewed by baristas.

Apartments leases to employees who have to move in from other parts of the country provides a tick off, for one big worry on the checklist, when there are so many things to take care of.

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‘Without suffering you cannot achieve anything’ – Zidane ‘proud’ of Madrid stars after coming through Getafe test

How right is Zinedine Zidane in his conclusion about what is required to achieve victory? He acknowledged a lot of things that shows he has the right focus and attitude. “We played against the bottom team, but they always make it difficult for you. Without suffering you cannot achieve anything.

“I think that with patience it was known that the goal could be reached.”

The greatest challenge that we all face in life, is the one where we must deal with our-self, a team, everyone, and someone called, others.

Notice his use of we (team) and not I. What should you also focus on to move the needle from where you are now, to where you desire to be in that particular area of life? I have a few, you may think of more. 

  • Recognize the opponent (size of the goal)
  • Review your capacity (S.W.O.T. – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats)
  • Know yourself (your team, self-awareness, emotional intelligence etc)
  • Go for the kick (take action)

Zidane, whose in-form Madrid side travel to Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, added: “We knew that we would suffer a lot. They pressed very high, it has cost us a little, but it is normal…have peace of mind, because these are key moments … because it has not been easy, physically or mentally.”

“If you want something, go for it. Giving up should not be an option because only by going forward will you succeed”. — Anna Chui

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NFL GMs, coaches find being homebound provides better work-life balance

NFL GMs, coaches find being homebound provides better work-life balance

“I never thought I could be as efficient working exclusively from home since mid-March,” Quinn said. “It has opened my eyes to be able to spend a little less time at the office.”

“Everyone that works in football and other professional sports sacrifices a lot of family time,”

Lions coach Matt Patricia says his work-life balance has not been good in the past, but he hopes it will improve in the wake of being forced to work remotely. AP/Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved First in, last out. NFL general managers and coaches, and those who […]

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You are not part of Canada’s richest families, this is why.

It is not that elite. But do you have $1 million in total asset? Add your car, your home, your shoes, the shirt on your back and your next pay cheque. Good, you can breath, you achieve $1.05 million. But, that is still the simple reason why you are nor part of Canada’s richest families.

First, forget becoming a member of this group by climbing up a rickety career ladder.  Well, at some point, it is changed to a golden ladder. To get close to the not so elite group, let us do a few analysis. There are 1.59 million families that have at least $1.6 million in assets that makes them among the […}

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Career to Wealth: From Employee to Second Richest Person in China

Few years ago, he was just a normal Google employee. Let me put it in perspective, recently Colin Huang was valued by Forbes ahead of Alibaba’s Jack Ma but behind Tencent’s Pony Ma. Mr Huang founded Pinduoduo in 2015.

In monetary, relational, workjoy and life impact investment terms, how much was he valued and treated as an intern at Microsoft and as an engineer at Google?

As part of his workjoy conclusion, he said, “Google gave me far more than I contributed.”

Some other Google employees can list a tonne of issues that they may have with the company.

“Some early Google employees had been adversely affected by quickly becoming wealthy. They suddenly got too much money, lost incentives to work and started to look for fun and new careers. Many years passed, and they wasted their most precious time, when they were most likely to have other outstanding achievements.” – Colin Huang, 2016

Life is a journey, a triathlon, or hexathlon. Fun, Worklife – a job, a career – are just one of several gigs in the race. Not the rat race, of course. But your race. Where you maintain your own lane, pace, and work to be better continuously. Not bitter, because you are distracted looking at the race, lane, and pace of another.

No single company is perfect enough to tick all items on Myfunworklife Life Impact Investment checklist. But where will you rather live a big chunk of your daily life, work, transfer your skills and talent to if you have a ‘company name empty’ offer of employment letter?

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