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At Worklife Feed we’re looking beyond making your worklife to be the best that it can be. We have been, and are going through this journey ourselves. But having spent decades in Human Resource Management, we know there are sticky areas. Join our explorers, as we navigate the tides of worklife.

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Rediscover Life. Just Do Work!

The world of work has consumed life, and worklife is now life garbed in work clothes. We know you want something better, you want to rediscover life, while just doing work. You want work to provide its own contribution to life while not suffocating it. Hey! You’ve got company. Check these out.

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We are Worklifefeed, the go-to hub for conversation about Work-life and handpicked contents for a fulfilling Life, decorated by Work & Fun. Work-life Feed is loading across channels and platforms, just to work for you!

At Work-life Feed, we work in the field of work, as it is embedded in life. And we, therefore, go for work-life contents that unpacks and unravel this package.

About Worklife Feed

You can be an old pro looking to enhance everything about your work life. Perhaps you are even a rookie starting out in retirement, marriage, career, or post-college, with big ideas, and aspirations. Somehow, you can be a “talent”, on full throttle, trying to get a footing and a balance. Wherever you are on life’s precarious journey, Worklife Feed portal will make have an offer that can take you further than where we met you.

Carry out a little action now, speak to a rainbow. If you cannot find one, dream of it, create one in your imagination. Go on that journey, fiercely as you want it to be, romantic as you have ever wanted it to feel, and saintly as pure as your heart have always strived for.

Create your tomorrow, you do not need a license or permission to do it. Build the castle in your mind, no land purchase, building permit, or contracts to sign. Give yourself the permission to act, it is your today, tomorrow, and your future.

Getting a better deal in life is not through unplanned coincidences. Likewise, to make a great impact in life takes more than living life in our shadow. There is the need to step out, and courageously take on issues. Rediscover life. Just do work, do not live to work.

Use up your life, serve and impact others. There is no point trying to slow down aging so that you can live longer; just like an animal in hibernation. Slowing aging to survive longer is not the game. It is how well, not how long!

Work-life Feed. At birth, life is a sunrise, at death it is a sunset. We start our career with a sunrise, and retire with a sunset. Our work-life journey! Why we need to rediscover Life. And just do work!

You need to

Choose an activity that brings you happiness each day, week, or month. Your celebration is yours to design.

Worklife Quotes – Self-Management and Celebration for Personal Growth

This is our work-life journey. And the reason why we need to always rediscover Life, rediscover work-life. And Just Do Work!

Our work defines us. But our life, though a blank canvas, with us holding the paint brush, is undefined for some. The journey, its twist and bends, the battles and victories, scars and trophies, smiles and cries are mere experiences. Many tucked away in the cloud server of the mind. For some, we hold unhelpful memorials – beating ourselves over and over for failures we did not win. Yet successes that we relive as escapades to lift our spirit triumphantly, are just experiences; just like the taste of wine, the warmth of a hug – smiles released because of a promotion, a gift, a good deed.

Experiences. Life experiences: at times, we just want a taste, a feel, an experience – and it is all over. Always remember, that the best part of fun, work, and life is you.

About Worklife Feed. At birth, life is a sunrise, at death it is a sunset. We start our career with a sunrise, and retire with a sunset. Our work-life journey! Why we need to rediscover Life. And just do work!

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