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Quiet Quitting, Quiet Leadership, Noisy World

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Quiet quitting. Oh, he too finally quit the stage of playing a game, the game. The book should have been called, quiet quitting. But it came earlier, and it was called, quiet leadership. But he quit anyway. Yet he said, “when I started playing professionally, I couldn’t believe my luck at being paid to do something I love.”

He played like he was never going to leave the stage. The ovation was deadening and unending. But he left the stage, quietly quitting the life he woke up daily to adore. He said, “sometimes, somewhere along the way the pressures and difficulties on and off the pitch can cause the passion to fade or die.”

Carlo Ancelotti said, unless you happen to be a one-off like Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, the career of leaders in most walks of life follow a similar path. Maybe he missed calling it, the career of most workers, the similarity of the daily, weekly and yearly grind. The pursuit of success and more laurels and another feather to add to that invincible golden cap, on a head whose entire hair has greyed out or fallen off.

Before Quiet Quitting

First, comes the courtship Carlo said, then the honeymoon period. Next comes success and stability, but eventually the stability plateaus and then the problems begin: the cracks in relationships. Finally, comes the breakup – the inevitable parting of ways.


Another type of Quiet Revolution? No, not at all. Susan Cain is not standing at the train station, watching how the busy shuttle, hustle and bustle gradually thin out. She is not at Starbucks, with her laptop open, lost in thought with a cup of coffee in hand, while she stares at the world of work in absolute pleasure through the coffee shop glass wall, as the world “finally gets it. Quit quitting after a quiet revolution.”

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There comes a time in the life of a great individual in the making. When he or she wakes up and change life course. To drop a garb, and choose a new path. I invite you today, to drop mediocrity in pursuit of greatness. To drop fear, in the eagerness of excellence. Nothing holding you back, as you face your fears and doubts.

No one ever regrets leaving the comfort crib. Hard it may be initially. Tough, uneasy, and fearful. So it is time for you too, to drop mediocrity in pursuit of greatness. Come on. You can do it. Greatness beckons!

A dream, an opportunity, act on life before you wake up

Akinspire_Quiet Quitting
  • Life is too precious, not a day to live in mediocrity’s hand.
  • Life is pure, white like a dove, no patchiness in its living.
  • Ordinary, common, indifferent, average all is a choice.
  • Do not be in the middle-of-the-road, dull, or humdrum.
  • Undistinguished, uninspiring, second-rate, and ordinary.
  • Insignificant, inferior, colorless, common, and a waste.
  • Life is an opportunity, a dream, an orchestra, a song.
  • Golden, life is admired; but stolen, just by mediocrity.
  • Life is a golden opportunity, use it as good as you can.
  • A gem, distinctive, brilliant, hidden in the mud of doubt.
  • Excellent, superior, rarity, of pre-eminence, and genius.
  • Peerless, virtuoso, supreme, unrivaled, and nonpareil.

Can you dare me and be different?

Akinspire_Quiet Quitting
  • You follow the herd? Hi, have your dreams grown wings?
  • Birds wings and great heights, but not mediocrity autopilot.
  • Dreams found? It flew back? Got courage to climb and fly?
  • Can you dare me and be different? No, dare them and fly.
  • Still living and working another’s dreamy expectations?
  • Stop it mediocre! Nobody glows or grow by mediocre life. 
  • Mediocrity wakes up, sweating, threatened by talent alive.
  • Are you a dead talent, a worry master of what people say?
  • Why be unable to put in “sweat equity,” stop living by default?
  • Mediocrity fears talent in pursuit of what matters to me, you.
  • Doing what matters to mine, in excellence, at full heart speed.
  • But I need you, courage, to be different, to follow my heart.

Stop putting up with mediocrity!

  • Stop putting up with mediocrity! There are no later life acts.
  • Move on, move far, change circle. Mediocrity is contagious.
  • A mediocre life puts forth mediocre effort, no “sweat equity.”
  • Dream big, set goals, interact with champions, get inspired.
  • Think big, make plans, escape comfort, take responsibility.
  • Forge your path, be crazy, take the risks, break the chains.
  • Be vulnerable, lick criticism, razor focus – one goal, a time.
  • Extinguish fears, ignite confidence, be different, a new YOU!
  • Mediocrity will wake up, sweating, threatened by talent alive.
  • Stop putting up with mediocrity! There are no later life acts.
  • Life is a golden opportunity, use it as good as you can.
  • Life is too precious to be lived, not a day in mediocrity.

A part of the above which is now titled, “Quiet Quitting, Quiet Leadership, Noisy World,” was previously published under the title, “Drop mediocrity in pursuit of greatness.”

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