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Nigeria Berger Paints Employees to Start 4-Day Working Week

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More and more countries and companies are joining the move to a 4-day working week. And the reason is simple. This was explained to the media when Nigeria Berger Paints said that its employees will start 4-day working week. Berger Paints Nigeria (BPN) Plc, a manufacturer of coated paints and allied products will start the initiative from July 1.

The company’s Chairman, Mr Abi Ayida, in a statement on Saturday in Lagos, said the novel work initiative which was the first of its kind in corporate Nigeria, would not lead to staff rationalisation or salary reduction. Rather, it will help upscale productivity through flexible operation and extended rest period for its staff; without any negative effect on customers and other external stakeholders.

“We have thought long and hard on how we can better take care of our people in an impactful and lasting way. I am therefore pleased to announce, that we will from next month be the first Nigerian company, that I am aware of, to permanently change to a four day work week” said Mr Ayida.

According to the chairman, certain core functions related to customer fulfillment will still provide the full 5-day a week services.

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An Initiative to Solve a Challenge

Kaduna State in North Western Nigeria led the way in December last year. Similar to the explanation given by Mr Ayida, the State government then had said the measure was designed to help boost productivity, improve work-life balance and enable workers to have more time for their families.

Mr Ayida said that the company’s transition to more flexible working practices started when he became the company’s chairman, prior to the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic. And with that, the company then invested heavily in technology to upscale its global competitiveness.

However, this additional flexible working initiative is primarily driven by mobility challenges; the perennial traffic congestion. The chairman said that mobility constraints had always significantly impacted companies’ productivity across the board in Nigeria.

“Our environment is very detrimental to work-life balance and as a manufacturing company, a significant segment of our staff by the nature of their jobs are involved in repetitive tasks as part of the manufacturing process.


A Focus on Productivity

According to Mr Ayida, “the intended outcome of this change is enhanced productivity from better rested people as rest and recovery is a key metric of sustained performance.

Berger Paints Nigeria is focused on thriving despite the difficult operating environment which impacts negatively on the company. “Human capital is our most precious resource as a company and we intend to nurture and protect our people in any way we can,” he said.

The chairman stated that the initiative will go a long way in redressing identified imbalances. Overall, it will be beneficial to the employees and the company.

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