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Six Figures Makes People Quit Full-Time Jobs For Contract Work

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Six figures earning is making people quit full-time jobs for flexibility. This is as nearly 80% of those surveyed by Upwork said control over their schedule was a key motivator for pursuing freelance work. Many professionals who have become independent consultants say they now have more money and control over their lives.

Some professionals have found they can earn six figures when they go solo. High-end gig work in consulting, marketing, writing and project management has gained more traction during the pandemic. […]

Now May Be The Best Time For Working Mum Caregivers to Ask For a Raise

MSNBC: Some working mum caregivers are also professionals. Now is the time for them to find their voice and also earn six figures while caregiving.

A mum narrated her experience and the ‘flexible’ advise she was given when she first went back to work after delivering her preemie twin boys in 2002. Her MBA school career counselor told her not to mention to any prospective employers that she was a new mom. And to increase her chances and hide what may later be obvious by the demands of her caregiving role, she was also advised against negotiating. Not salary. She was not not to negotiate for any schedule that involved “flexibility.”

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TrendsWork-Life Daily

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