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Employees Are Quitting By the Millions. The Workers Left Behind Are Exhausted.

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It is no longer news that employees are quitting by the millions. But why are those left behind staying? How are they coping and what is their motivation? “The employees who are sticking it out are stretched thin,” Tara Furiani, an executive coach and speaker, said.

Life’s challenges are practical and real on all sides. And what is happening in the work environment is a seismic moment in professional America. There’s unprecedented employee churn, a Covid-induced surge in burnout, and then supply chain disruptions that is upending companies and industries.

For some, the instinctive individual response to these pressures is to demand more: more money, more perks, more responsibilities, more status etc. What are your demands? How are you responding or taking on the challenges? Whatever you do, always remember that fewer companies make provisions for people’s physical health, but never their mental health. The trend may be changing upward in terms of companies that are now seeing mental health as a real work place issue that requires their full attention. However, no matter what is provided, it is better to avoid the burn-out in the first place.

Celebrating Self for More Self Growth

Choose an activity that brings you happiness each day, week, or month. Your celebration is yours to design.

Try to fully enjoy your positive experiences and practice savoring them. Start to appreciate life’s small pleasures; and thereby promote your mental health and well-being.

Companies make provisions for people’s physical health, but never their mental health.

Adam Ross/ CEO, AWIN


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