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5 Signs that Your Work Friendship is Toxic

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Having a close friend on the job comes with built-in tensions that can become unhealthy and toxic. Signs that your work environment is toxic could be a pointer to use in examining if there are signs that your work friendship is also toxic. In this article, we will consider 5 signs that could help you tell if your work friendship is toxic.

This is key since having a close confidant at work can make a long day go quicker and be the boost you need to get through a tough project. But the friendships that you make at […]

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Tips For Remote Workers to Disconnect From Their Jobs to Improve Work-Life Balance

Many remote workers are still struggling with balancing careers with personal lives especially the pressure to respond to work emails or calls after hours.

With the stop-start-stop-start of the last two years, employees didn’t know exactly how to navigate this new normal, and what to do. People were just diving right into work. It wasn’t very clear what is to be done at every point in time, or a week after.

One thing that is very important in managing disconnect from work and home-life is communication of expectations.

Initiate The Difficult Conversation

If your boss hasn’t said, ‘hey, you have to be on and working at 9:00 p.m. and reply to my emails.’ Then you the employee needs to ask the question, ‘am I allowed to shut my device at normal closing time? Can I respond to any after hours email the next day?’ Sadly, as nice and clear as this sounds, our devices are always on unfortunately.

The biggest advice therefore is this; you have to take that first step and have the conversation. You can stop the cycle of work over stretching into your personal life and start to create a new path forward.

8 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment

In the article above, we considered the 5 signs you need to be aware of and check if your work friendship is toxic, now we are having 8 signs of a toxic work environment. The question is, are they mutually exclusive or one aids the other? Even if your work friend is not a toxic person, there is a likelihood that the toxicity around the both of you will one day filter into your relationship. The solution is simple, find a way to extend that connection beyond the toxic environment so it has a different air to breath and a different reason for its being beyond office related gist.

A hostile work environment can he harmful to your health and wellness. If your co-workers are always fighting like they’re on an episode of “Maury and the sound of your boss’ voice make you cringe, then you need to watch that space. It becomes worse when you start dreading going into the office, or logging online for work each morning. Continue reading …


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Top Signs of a Toxic Workplace and How to Deal

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