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Hybrid Work Model Tanked Work-Life Balance

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If there was a word that has defined the year 2021, it would be “overwhelmed.” After a year and a half into the pandemic, with overflowing inboxes and back-to-back meetings, people are tired. Then came superman Hybrid work model. First, it tanked work-life balance. Then it gave work-from-home a upper-cut punch; making it jump off the edge of the worklife ship into the ocean.

But this is not so for all ships. Some still have work-from-home piloting the sail. At times, with some tanked ship, floating back and restarting the journey, with work-from-home in charge. Talk of UK and its many lockdown over appearance of Covid virus variants.

People are also searching for an answer to this digital exhaustion — including me. […]

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What Employee Wellness And PTO Benefits Look Like In The Post-Pandemic, Corporate World

Over the past couple years, the dynamics around how we think about work, the nature of being hybrid-remote employees, and how we look at perks and benefits has undergone a massive restructuring.

According to a recent survey from Prosper Insights & Analytics, over 44% of US adults would prefer to work for an employer that allows them to partially or fully work from home. Even more striking is the fact that nearly 60% of employees are either neutral or unhappy with their overall work-life balance. 

Go to Forbes to continue reading.

Facing Work Life’s Daily Challenges

In his book, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose/Learn, John Maxwell on page 221 thinks that getting stronger at our broken places depends on our attitude and our choices. He said that we can become stronger at our broken places if we choose to learn from our mistakes, correct our course, and try again.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.”

Ernest Hemingway/ Novel, Farewell to Arms

According to Maxwell, our failures in life (and at our broken places), as painful as they are, can be our most valuable source of learning experiences, and our greatest source of renewed strength.

“Success is how high you bounce, after you hit bottom”

General George S. Paton

Perhaps, you can achieve success without hitting rock bottom. But take your mind back to when you were a toddler; the first steps, the many falls, and failed attempts. And then your steps got stable, the knees got the rhythm and walking on two feet forever became normal.

Writing something as basic as an official email requires many deletes, re-write and reviews. So also does getting a promotion or a raise at work requires many days or months of waking up, heading to work and doing all that is required. Therefore, today’s feeling of dejection, stagnation, miserableness or actual failure is only a pause; a time to reflect and take in some learnings.

“If you’re willing to accept failure and learn from it, if you’re willing to consider failure as a blessing in disguise and bounce back, you’ve got the potential of harnessing one of the most powerful success forces.”

Joseph Sugarman (Author and Entrepreneur)

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TrendsWork-Life Daily

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