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Work-life Quotes – The Millionaire of Oil And Toil

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“My partners and I had been working for three years and pushing ourselves really hard. We just got to the point where we were establishing ourselves as a business. Everything seemed to be going right. We had been working on an oil transaction and collected our allocation to load the products. At that point, all the brokers who we collected our oil allocation from had been paid by us. This is what you call betting on the horse. We had taken everything we owned and put it on this single deal,” says Tonye Cole. Work-life Quotes from the millionaire of oil and toil.

A Dependable Support Base

I am not sure I will be anywhere I am without my wife. She has allowed me to work and to be able to do what I do.

Failure: Techer Not a Tormentor

Failure teaches you a lot.

As an entrepreneur … I am not afraid of failure but I must learn from it.


You had to imagine things and create it in your mind long before it comes on paper.

Once I was left in the cold by others that I depended on for work and the perks of office … But after that, I said to myself ‘I am never leaving my fate in another person’s hands again’.


Take Control

As an entrepreneur or investor, … don’t rely on one product, … one company … and one country.

Success can be fleeting.

Let people think you have 10, act like you have only one but make sure you have 100.


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