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Worklife Quotes – Workplace Culture

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The following worklife quotes on workplace culture goes to the root of how we can address a problem that makes some employees go home every day feeling they work for an organization that doesn’t listen to or care about them. But a company or building didn’t create the problem and so it can’t engage with them in working through the issues. But a person can.

There is a blame bias that impacts all of us. We need to retrain our mind and act to start mining for conflict and those things we unwittingly blame each other for, but not to escalate them. We need to find them, in order to address them, then build trust that will help us in building a positive workplace culture.

A Crappy Workplace Culture

A crappy (workplace) culture will surely slow any business down. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is a toxic (workplace) culture that can ruin a person’s life.

A Poor Workplace Culture

A poor workplace culture will inevitably infect each person’s life outside of work, too. However, you can do more than sit back and complain about the culture at your workplace. Here’s the secret: You are the culture.

Everything is Part of the Culture

Everything you do at work, constitutes some part of the culture where you work. That is, every interaction, conversation, email, chat message, smile, laugh, sigh, eye roll, presentation, meeting invitation, and video call.

A Pin Dropped Into a Drop of Water Creates a Ripple

Always remember this, your small, meaningful actions creates a ripple effect, touching everyone in your world.

As surely as culture eats strategy, blame kills trust.

The Blame Bias

Our minds naturally blame people – without context, without empathy, without understanding.


Culture Complaint Façades

Workplace culture complaints are facades; they are a complaint that is actually intended for a person.

The Corridor Meeting After The Meeting.

Those your opposing viewpoints need to be part of the conference-room discussion and not “The corridor meeting after the meeting.”

Forming Change and Work Allies

The stronger your direct relationship with the boss is, the more likely it will be for you both to serve as allies for one another during the big meetings.

You Are The Chief Design Officer – You Are The Culture

Your life, your celebrations and your workplace culture are yours to design. You are the culture.


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Worklife Quotes - Workplace Culture


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