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Just a Giggle 3: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

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Welcome to just a giggle 3

One of The Greatest Powers in The World.


CNBC reported that from a recent study published in the journal Experimental Psychology, researchers found smiling — even a fake smile — can have a positive impact on mood.

Essentially, a fake smile (preferably a real one) can trigger certain facial muscles that can “trick” your brain into thinking you’re happy.

Will you rather be tricked to be happy or be tricked to be sad? What if the trick will not just open a supermarket door, but a lot of doors of opportunities?

Try a smile, it is cheap to produce but highly valued by all recipients.

View the video, a supermarket door won’t open unless you smile.


Getting The Work Credit

Just a Giggle 3: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Boss-ass: Team, what do you call stealing ideas from many people or sources?

Freeride: I will call it research.

I Can But I Wont: No! That is not fair.

Freeride: What is not fair about that?

I Can But I Won’t: It is not fair because that is how you stole my ideas and that of hers and his to give the presentation that just got you those awards.

Boss-ass: Well, to err is human. 

Freeride: And to blame it on someone else shows management potential, except if you are not me. I Can But I won’t, at least I gave you credit during my presentation. I said you made input into the work but did not provide me enough justifications that could have enabled me answer the questions that I was been asked.

Boss-ass: Can anybody remember why the scarecrow got promoted?

Freeride: It was because he was out standing in his field, just as I am! And I am getting a raise too, some cool extra pay with that.

I Can But I Won’t: Give me some credit, a lot of credits for my work. All I am asking for is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.

Help! I am Loosing My Jobs

Just a Giggle 3: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Human Resources: You seem not to be able to hold on to a job for a long time. What happened to your last job?

Dear Applicant: My memory has gotten so bad it has actually caused me to lose my jobs before now. But for now, I am still employed. I just can’t remember where.

Human Resources: And what happened to the job before this one?

Dear Applicant: I gave up my seat to a blind person on the bus. And that’s how I lost my job as a bus driver.

Human Resources: Interesting. I still can’t understand what you wrote in your employment application. The question is, who is to be notified in case of emergency?

Dear Applicant: I just wrote what my job interview consultant said I should always write, “A very good doctor”.

Human Resources: Yeah, and that is why we have sent you to a doctor ten times for pre-interview test not pre-employment test. And why do you think the doctor is always calm when you are at the hospital?

Dear Applicant: Because she has a lot of patients.


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