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Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

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Welcome to just a giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

It is Not Funny Being Unemployed

Below is a conversation among some applicants while they were waiting for a work interview to start. By now, they have been delayed for a long time without any word from the company.

Applicant 1: It is not funny at all when one is not employed.

Applicant 2: Don’t even try a joke on an hungry and unemployed person. The likely response may not be funny.

Applicant 3: I have a few jokes about unemployed people but it doesn’t matter because … none of them work.

Workplace Communication Gone Wrong

Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

You should check your emails more often. I fired you over three weeks ago.

Check Your Email More Often (Credit/

It is Very Easy to Love Your Work, Boss and Office

Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Ms. Talent-Highflier: Work is not only very boring to me, it is wearing me out. There is no work-life balance and out of office emails communication gets me over worked and burnout. I don’t love my job.

Mentor: I think it is high time you start investing in your future, go and take a home loan.

Group-Think: Don’t take that advise. I was given the same advise years ago, and I took a home loan. The discipline required and the pressure to repay the loan made me to start loving my job. I took another loan to furnish the apartment and do some unplanned home repairs. And I realized that I even started loving my boss as well. Ms. Talent-Highflier, the moment I got married, I started loving the office.

A Bus Station, a Train Station and a Work Station

Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Human Resources: Good day class. Today is the second day of the onboarding workshop, and we will be focusing on how the city transport system works. A Bus Station is where a Bus stops, and a Train Station is where a Train stops.

Mr. Freeworker: Oh! That is nice. On my office desk, I have a desktop, or is it a Work Station? What should be stopping there?


Worthy Work Behind Bars

Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Ms. Talent-Highflier: Dear HR Manager, I have some friends who are looking for work. What job can prisoners do?

Human Resources: Oh, that is very easy. Prisoners can serve drinks. It is a job they have to do working behind BARS.

The Responsible Worker

Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Boss-ass: Freeride, even though you are new on this role, but I need to let you know that you are slowing down the teams momentum. Aside that, you are not receptive to feedback and you are not a team player. In this role, we need someone who is responsible.

Freeride: I am the one that you need in this role and in the team. On my last job, every time anything went wrong, they said I was responsible.

I Don’t Always Work or Like Work

Just a Giggle 2: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Freeride: I don’t always work. But when I do, I make sure that my boss is around.

Boss-ass: You can continue in that self deception. But I will like you to know that even though I may look calm and collected when I stroll into the office, literarily I killed all stubborn and difficult employees in my head, 3 times. Except for employment law infringements and my openness to diversity and inclusion, it would have been 3 times double.

Freeride: That may sound awful, but it will be welcomed by all who don’t love their job anyway.

Boss-ass: Freeride, the best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. You need to get serious with your work or you will lose it. And by the way, you cannot drink while you work or when you finally decide to work.

Freeride: Oh, don’t worry. I won’t be working when I work. But don’t get me wrong, I actually like work, it fascinates me. I can sit and look at work for hours.

Boss-ass: That is really a fascinating way to work. Tell me more.

Freeride: Actually, doing nothing is very hard work. You never know when you have finished.


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