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Just a Giggle 1: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

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Welcome to just a giggle 1: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Men At Work

Women work all the time. But when men work, they need to put up signs.

Men at Work (credit/

Job Interview and Pay Offer Encounter

Just a Giggle 1: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Human Resources: Thank you Mr. Freeworker, you were successful at the job interview and we will like to make you an offer.

Mr. Freeworker: Oh! That’s great. I can resign my current work and start immediately.

Human Resources: We will pay you $4,000 per month. Is it okay?

Mr. Freeworker: Sure. The pay seems good and I also love the change management aspect of the work. But how often do staff get a salary increment here?

Human Resources: The company pay policy is personal to each staff. But for you, after three months, we will increase your pay to $12,000 per month. What will you say to that and when do you want to start?

Mr. Freeworker: In 3 months

When My Take Home Pay is a Joke

Just a Giggle 1: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Mentor: How was your performance review meeting with your boss?

Ms. Talent-Highflier: It went well.

Mentor: Did you finally get to ask for more opportunities to make presentations to senior leaders?

Ms. Talent-Highflier: Yes I did. And he immediately obliged and gave me an opportunity last week.

Mentor: How did it go?

Ms. Talent-Highflier: My boss said that I should start the presentation with a joke. So I put my PAYSLIP on the first slide.


Why I Was Fired At My Last Job

Just a Giggle 1: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Human Resources: You have done so well in the interview thus far. The way you answered the interview questions showed that you are indeed well experienced for the job.

Dear Applicant: Thank you.

Human Resources: However, I am curious to know why you left your last job. Why will any one let go an experienced worker who has a highly in demand and scarce skill?

Dear Applicant: I used to work in a Calendar production factory and we also have an Calendar App that was doing very well in the App Store. But I got the sack because … I took some Calendar days off.

When My Early Closure/Day-off With Pay Game Meets a Boss-ass

Just a Giggle 1: Worklife Jokes and Funny Quotes

Boss-ass: You are new in the company but you seem to be very restless.

Freeride: I just have a series of unplanned events that are very critical.

Boss-ass: You have taken more free days with pay than you are already entitled to.

Freeride: I am sorry, I really wish I could avoid them.

Boss-ass: Do you believe in life after death?

Freeride: Yes I do.

Boss-ass: Well then, that makes everything just fine.

Freeride: What do you mean Boss?

Boss-ass: After you left early yesterday to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she stopped by in the office to check on you.

Note on Boss-ass: This is the social status of a person who manages to act like a boss, but also like a badass at the same time. Not to be confused with a Bosses Ass.


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