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Dubai Police wins award for being ‘happiest place to work’

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Dubai Police wins the award for being the ‘happiest place to work’ in the region. This makes the organization the happiest workplace in the public sector and Schneider Electric the best in the private sector.

The fourth edition of the Happiness@Work Award that takes place annually in Dubai (2020 edition) recognized and celebrated the happiest and most innovative organizations in the region. The awardees are organizations that disrupted existing employee engagement and wellbeing norms to create a new normal in the workplace. […]

The awards were instituted by Sustainable Mindz, a centre for strategic sustainability and corporate responsibility in the Gulf and Mena region. And the award aims is to promote happiness and positivity in workplaces.

In the small and medium enterprises (SME) category, the award went to Xworks Interiors LLC. While King Abdullah University of Science & Technology – Government Affairs (KAUST) picked up the honour in the not-for-profit category.

Life’s purpose is to serve others and the environment around us.

Dr Saamdu Chetri

This edition picked out regional companies that stood out for creating a happy workplace, and having a good work-life balance. It also recognized them for their focus on sustainability, and for a host of other positive steps that makes for an inclusive workplace.

There were a total of 40 nominations that was based on multiple parameters. And the applications were evaluated by a jury panel across seven different award categories, with the Happiest Workplace being at the helm.

Happiness is a process and not an end-goal.

Dr Saamdu Chetri

This is the first-of-its-kind initiative in the UAE and the wider region. Also, the Happiness@Work Award has completed four cycles. So far, 54 organizations have received 64 awards across 6 different categories.

Excellence in the Face of Challenges

“Regardless of the challenges the world faced in 2020, organisations have continued to work towards creating happiness and value for their employees. Every organisation that nominated themselves for the current edition of the Happiness@Work Award is a winner. Each have demonstrated that they take employee happiness seriously. And that they are committed to creating a workplace culture that values employees and their wellbeing,” said Vineetha Mathew, founding partner, Sustainable Mindz.

Dr Saamdu Chetri, chair of jury, Happiness@Work Award, said: “Life’s purpose is to serve others and the environment around us. The Happiness@Award is doing this by recognizing engaged and happy workplaces. Also, happiness is a process and not an end-goal. And it depends on how we perceive, sense, and understand from within to see the outside. Everything we see is within and not outside of us. Thus, let us change within to see the outside we want.”

Happiness is the cushion that allows us to absorb the shocks of life. It is also the ladder that elevates us to serenity and content.

Dr Mansoor Anwar Habib

Other Category of Awards

In the public sector, the Best Employee Engagement Programme category awards went to Dubai Police and Fujairah Natural Resource Corporation (FNRC). Aafaq Islamic Finance got the same award in the private sector. While Paramount Computer Systems received the same award for the SME category; while King Abdullah University of Science & Technology – Government Affairs (KAUST) got the award for the not-for-profit sector.

In the ‘Best Workplace Wellness Programme’ category, L’Oréal Middle East and Schneider Electric from the private sector were declared winners. While in the SME list, Xworks Interiors LLC and Paramount Computer Systems were the winners.


In the Best Workers Welfare Programme category, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology – Government Affairs (KAUST) was the winner, while Sharjah Self Defence Sports Club received the Happiness@Work Appreciation Award.

Winner of the Best Work-Life Balance Programme Category

Dubai Police won the Best Work-Life Balance Programme category award in public sector entities; while Ras Al Khaimah Customs Department won the Happiness@Work Appreciation Award.

Sharjah City Municipality won the ‘Best Workplace Sustainability Programme’ award in the public sector, and Xworks Interiors LLC in the SME sector. The private sector winner in the Best Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Program category was Schneider Electric, while L’Oréal Middle East won Happiness@Work Appreciation award.

“It’s an honour to be a jury on such an important award platform. Happiness is the cushion that allows us to absorb the shocks of life. It is also the ladder that elevates us to serenity and content.” said Dr Mansoor Anwar Habib, jury, Happiness@Work Award.

The award jury members included Dr Saamdu Chetri, visiting faculty, Rekhi Centre of Excellence for Science of Happiness, IIT Kharagpur; Dr Yasmin Al Bulushi, project manager for Eitmad, Oman; Jane Fiona Cumming, Founder, Article 13, UK; and Dr Mansoor Habib, head of sustainability and wellbeing, du, UAE.

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