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What Does a Post-Covid Work-Life Balance Look Like?

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Many concerned employers who care, are wondering what a post-covid work-life balance will look like for their employees. As many businesses return to office working, the work-life balance scales are shifting yet again. With some preferring to retain home working at least part of the time, and others itching to get back to the routine of the 9-5 office life, it is clear that achieving the right […]

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Your celebration is yours to design.

NOTES: How to Celebrate Big Achievements When Your Entire Team Works Remotely

Research from a 2020 TELUS International survey found four out of five workers struggle with shutting down for the night, while almost half of employees feel less mentally healthy while working from home. And there lies the challenge. So, how can remote workers feel like an engaged member of a company’s team and overarching culture when there is little or no in-person interaction?

Here are some tips for remote-work celebrations that make working alone and from home a little less isolating.

The perks of remote work are vast; the freedom to set own schedule, get to work with teams across the globe, and most days, have pajamas as work uniform.

Plan Your Own Annual Celebration

Choose an activity that brings you happiness, e.g. spa day, because your celebration is yours to design.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments on a Smaller Scale

Set up regular lunch or coffee dates with colleagues and friends; where you can celebrate each other’s wins, and encourage each other through challenges.

Also, learn to carve breaks into your day. Likewise, it’s important to have an accountability partner who can check in on you.

Try to fully enjoy your positive experiences and practice savoring. Start to appreciate life’s small pleasures, and thereby promote your mental health and well-being.

Recommended: The Third Space according to Adam Fraser is the transitional gap in between what we do. They should not be treated as connecting flight waiting time at the airport or roadside lay-by. Since, it is not what we do that is the most important, but what we do, in between what we do. That is what’s the most important.


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Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos, we lose sight of the things that really matter.

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