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Smart Companies Will Win The War For Talent

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Only smart companies will win the war for talent because they will offer employees uniquely customized work styles. Take for example, how will employees react if empowered, feels that their supervisors trust them and have a schedule that’s loaded with a lot of flexibility? Maybe we’ve all been looking at work the wrong way. For over 50 years, people labored away in office buildings five days a week. Commuters spent hours each day […]

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How to Keep Employees Engaged in a Remote Workplace

Employees who are engaged who feel connected to their organization work harder, stay longer and motivate others to do the same. Remote working is now one of the more popular ways for businesses to keep their staff.

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Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos, we lose sight of the things that really matter

– Carta CPO, Suzy Walther (

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You Have Control – Keep Climbing

Let me share with you this closing lines on page 224 of John Maxwell’s book with the title, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose or learn. There is no doubt that in the last one year so many people have lost something – a loved one, a job, peace of mind, business, freedom due to pandemic movement restrictions etc. But it is time we start to build back hope: time to take back control and climb out of the trenches of despair, frustrations and helplessness.

I don’t know what your personal Mount Everest is – what you were put on this earth to do. Nor the battles that you are facing today or have been facing all year round. But the fact is that, everyone has one. However, what I do know is this; win or lose, you need to try to reach the summit of your Mount Everest. You need to keep giving life a push because you are in control.

If you give up and stay in the rut that you are just tolerating now, you will regret it. It tends to be normal that as you get older, you will find that you become more disappointed by the things you didn’t attempt than by the ones you tried and failed to achieve. And here’s the best news. In every step of the way there’s something to learn.

Something to Learn, Even in Things That are Like Hell

Yes, in every step of the way through the victories, battles and crisis of life, there’s something to learn. But you need to first realize that you are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. In it, there are no mistakes, only lessons. And growth is a process of trial and error, experimentation and improvement. Where the failed experiments are as much of that process as the ones that work.

The lessons of life that you have the opportunity to learn will be presented to you in various forms – trials, tortures and tours. If you fail to learn the lesson, you will get stuck, and be unable to move forward. But if you indeed learn the lesson, for that period, you will get to move forward and go to the next one. You are already in the event, find your lesson.

There is no part of life that doesn’t contain lessons. While on your journey of life, some people will give you advice and some may even help you. But ultimately, you have to take the different tests of life.

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The ‘Belief-Driven’ Employee is The Future of Work

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