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Millennials Are Worried About Job Security

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As millennials who are worried about your job security, would you quit your job over a little issue? For example, if you discovered that you and your boss didn’t see eye to eye on social issues. If so, count yourself among a growing cohort of workers. These are the ones who believe their employers’ values should match their own, according to a new survey of employees in the […]

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Finding purpose in our work is a very human need. Yet, because there’s an endless stream of top new talent emerging from business schools, humans are made to dump purpose for salary and benefits proposals. The banks especially, can because of this, afford to consider their employees a disposable commodity.

Accept change

Accept that things have changed. People change, the world weather is changing and businesses go through cycles. But now, the world of work is changing.

Before COVID, the office was the nucleus of company culture. It’s where you interacted with your coworkers, got to know people on a personal level, and held company-wide meetings and post-work events. The revolutionary workplace shift of the past year has evolved a new acceptance of workplace flexibility.

As the danger of virus infection wanes, our perceptions of remote work and work-life balance are unlikely to shift back as “opt-out” behaviors. Though the move to the hybrid model is complex, it can offer rewards for both the company and its people. With a supportive tech stack and an even more supportive company policy, things can change positively and dramatically. And then consider the benefits of lower overhead, greater autonomy, flexible working options, and resiliency in whatever comes next.

Be receptive to change, positive change. The turns through life’s uncharted, seemingly unknown detours and twists. These may just prove to be a silver lining of this pandemic.

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You Have Control

Studies show that a boss’s work-life balance is an important factor in the work-life balance of their employees. And that if all of us can better utilize our downtimes, everyone will likely to be physically and emotionally healthier.

Recommended: The Third Space according to Adam Fraser is the transitional gap in between what we do. It is not what we do that is the most important. It is what we do, in between what we do, that is what’s the most important.


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