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Retirement Can Ripen a Passion if You Let it

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Most workers don’t think of retirement at the early stages of their career. It just looks so far away, and the natural senses cannot pull all emotions and resources to work towards it. But for those who have seen others retire, and have taken to proper guidance, early planning for retirement is easier. The challenge however remains, the passions that fills our days. Also, there is the stretch of daily and pressing life demands. No matter the circumstances, retirement can ripen a passion if you let it.

About 15 years ago, when I saw retirement on the distant horizon, I started to wonder what my life as a retired person would be like. I suppose I was doing what is called “retirement planning.” But I wasn’t concerned solely with the financial aspects of retirement. […]

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Women Outlive Men Into Retirement, With Less Money

If you’re a woman planning for retirement, good news. You’re probably going to have a longer post-work life than the men around you, because women outlive men.

Wrightson said one of the most effective things that a young woman starting out in the workforce could do was to get her KiwiSaver sorted.

“I clench teeth when people say it should be taught in schools – do teachers have to do everything?”

“It’s the first and the easiest thing to do… something that gets you saving a bit of money every pay day is a good thing …”

“Women outlive men so it’s even more important to arrive at retirement with funds but there’s an issue of how every individual has a sense of their financial future. It’s not selfish… it’s still a subject that doesn’t get talked about.”

“Managing money, being responsible with money, that’s something every child should start to pick up at home, not just from school.”

That “leaning in” to money management also set a good example for children. “I clench teeth when people say it should be taught in schools – do teachers have to do everything? Managing money, being responsible with money, that’s something they should start to pick up at home.”

Women are still most likely to stop work to look after a child, and when they come back to work they earn less – sometimes valuing flexibility over career moves or greater pay.

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