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9 Out of 10 Workers Are Looking to Change Jobs. Here’s What You Can Do About It

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The latest jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows continued upward momentum in the jobs market. And this should be great news to hiring managers and job seekers alike. Really? What of other parties interested in this conversation? What of the managers and companies that are going to be loosing talents, how should they receive the news? So, if it is true that 9 out of 10 workers are looking to change jobs, what next? But for all concerned, here’s what you can do about It. Since, lurking beneath the surface of a recovering economy is a looming shift in employment that has earned the […]

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The Great Turnover Tsunami – How to Adapt as Employer of Choice

This year, business leaders are preparing for what experts are coining “The Great Turnover Tsunami,” a tidal wave of employee turnovers due to pandemic burnout, among other factors.

While most employers are strategizing around retention, it’s also important to ensure that your company is a highly desired choice for top talent.

Turnover is happening, and this is regardless of whether or not you’re retaining your best team-members. 2021 is seeing a churn in the marketplace. In fact, a staggering 51% of American employees are seeking new opportunities. Therefore, millions of some of the most highly valuable workers will be available. It will become imperative that your company becomes the top choice for these top candidates.

Here are some of the things that your organization can do, so it can be well positioned to ride the great turnover tsunami.

Flexible and Remote Work

If there’s one thing that people learned last year, it’s that the majority of work can be done outside of the office. Therefore, work-from-home options are becoming a must when it comes to top choice employers, pandemic or not, great turnover tsunami, or not.

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You Have Control

Studies show that a boss’s work-life balance is an important factor in the work-life balance of their employees. And that if all of us can better utilize our downtimes, everyone will likely to be physically and emotionally healthier.

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Remote Work is the New Signing Bonus

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