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Work-life Quotes – Next Job and Career Trajectory

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Work-life Quotes – Next Job and Career Trajectory

Work-life Quotes - Next Job and Career Trajectory

“Plan for not only the job you want now but your trajectory. The next job after that. Career trajectory is going to be the one thing that will allow you to feel truly hopeful about that future.”

Annie McKee

Annie McKee, Ph.D., is the author of “How to Be Happy at Work,” a senior fellow and director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education Penn CLO Executive Doctoral Program.

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Career Trajectory On Ventilator, COVID Took My Ambition

Career ambitions are in different battle zones, mostly uncharted, just like the new normal. Working from home has changed the location and size of the trenches.

Fighting in hand to hand combats, and shooting at close range in the office for superiority has stopped. But punching the screen during zoom meetings are the new normal for some.

‘Hit the break’, furlough shout out.

‘Take the retrenchment pill and stop the pain’, another senior officer ordered. ‘We may lose more men and women, but not this battle front’.Advertisements

‘Where is my career, it was on a fast lane trajectory, few months ago.’

A young officer stumbled out of a heap of rubble. He has five stars on his jacket shoulder. And a super high flyer-duper CEO potential tag on his helmet.

COVID-19 Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft just dropped Coronavirus GBU-39 Small diameter virus bomb, a 250-pound, GPS-guided munition.

“I embraced the rat race before I knew I was a rat.”

He survived furlough, a sack, pay cut, and work from home. As a super essential staff, he still goes to the office everyday. He staggers, trying to hold the air to stabilize himself, finding it difficult to escape the survivor guilt.

‘Sit down now’, commander work life balance ordered.

‘You cannot escape the smoke, dust and flying rubble splinters. The impact of the dropped Coronavirus GBU-39 Small diameter virus bomb is deadly. It is already all over you. Your career trajectory is on a ventilator’.

‘Career trajectory on ventilator, help,’ he cries out.

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