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8 Ways to Address Hybrid Work Fairness and Equity Challenge

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The vast majority of organizations are reporting plans to implement hybrid work models. This will no-doubt be the future of work, but it comes with its own challenges – fairness and equity. Here are 8 ways to address hybrid work fairness and equity challenge.

Hybrid approaches will provide plenty of benefits. This will be both to employees in the form of choice and quality of work-life, and to companies in terms of an ability to attract and retain the best people. […]

NOTES: 8 Ways to Address Hybrid Work Fairness and Equity Challenge

One of the challenges with hybrid working will be maintaining strong cultures, morale and camaraderie among team members—and ensuring fairness and equity both in practice and in perception. Companies will need to ensure fairness—both real and perceived—to build strong relationships and strong cultures.

Fairness Is Fundamental. Despite wide differences in people and cultures, there are key rules that act as moral and social imperatives. One of these is to “divide resources fairly”—to have equity across the group.

If you don’t trust your people, they shouldn’t be working for you.

Reducing The Have, Have-Not Effect

Focus on principlesHave a set of principles, guided by your values to frame your decisions.

Foster a culture of trust. Build trust through openness, assuming goodwill, staying in close touch, managing to outcomes, addressing issues and demonstrating integrity.

Understand the work. Make no mistake, your work from home over the last year has been based on a response to the pandemic, not because it may have been optimal for your business.

Be willing to experiment. People will be more accepting of hybrid work when they sense an openness from the company to try new approaches to accommodate flexible work. A general feeling of openness contributes to reciprocity.

Be transparent. Be open about the principles you’re using to determine which work will be done in the office and which will be done remotely.

Build team relationships. Strengthen bonds between team members by providing opportunities for them to get to know each other, and by giving co-workers tasks on which to roll up sleeves and solve problems together. 

Ensure leaders are present and accessible. People want to have visibility with leaders, so they are on the radar for cherry projects, promotions or career progression.

Hold people accountable. A culture is significantly determined by the worst behavior it will tolerate.

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