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Hiring and Onboarding a Remote Worker in a Hybrid Workplace

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Remote work continues to grow as more and more companies transition to fully remote or hybrid work models. According to Upwork’s “Future of Workforce Pulse Report,” 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021. By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely. This is the time for companies to review their policies and processes and see what can change to improve hiring and onboarding of a new remote worker in our new hybrid workplaces. […]

NOTES: Hiring and Onboarding a Remote Worker in a Hybrid Workplace

Onboarding is always a critical piece of the hiring process, but it’s even more crucial for remote workers. Here’s how companies can successfully onboard workers who won’t be in the office permanently or at all.

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Hiring During The Pandemic: Analysis Reveals What Employees Want From Their Work-life

Access to wellbeing support. Make sure any mental health support your workplace offer is clearly communicated and accessible, such as any employee assistance programmes.

Flexible working. Although schools have reopened and restrictions are beginning to ease, its important a level of flexibility in the workplace remains, as we’re still navigating our way through a difficult time.

Career development. Supporting your team to develop their skills not only helps to boost their confidence, but also builds an engaged and motivating workforce. Learning a new skill doesn’t necessarily need to be work related, learning a new language or craft both count towards developing your skillset.

Creativity with workplace events. Making time for your team to socialise is important for both employee wellbeing and promoting company culture. Google searches for ‘virtual team building activities’ increased significantly by 99% in November 2020. Virtual events can be simple, such as a weekly coffee catch up, post work drinks or even a quiz.

Access to working from home equipment. It’s important your team have the correct home work set up. You will also have to encourage them to take regular breaks. Try to organise virtual fun or yoga sessions, this is to motivate, reduce stiffness, muscle pain and the risk of any other work related injury or ill health.

You may not have to reel out all of these as things that your company does when hiring during this pandemic. But doing them will also ensure that your current employees are your recruitment ambassadors.

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