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Work-life Quotes – I Cannot Work With Idiots

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Work-life Quotes – I Cannot Work With Idiots

What is your work ethic?

Maybe these books can give you a different perspective:

Cal Newport – Deep Work (Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World)

Timothy Ferriss – The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Eve Bunting & Ronald Himler – A Day’s Work

Work Quote By Anthony T. Hincks: “I can’t work…”

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You know what, the idiot in the mirror is not me.

What if my boss still shows up at my home-office using Artificial Intelligence, with his Avatar? And he is standing behind me, exactly the same way he will in the office, watching, micro-managing to ensure that I am doing the work according to his speck, in his own way, according to his own order.

Many times, we need to work with smart people and those who, in our own opinion, are not so smart or intelligent. Possibly, not necessarily idiots.

Someone maybe physically or psychologically challenged, differently enabled (not quite disable), but everyone has something for someone. We just need to have some patience to look closer, deeper, search with a fine brush and with some love or empathy.

You may understand this better if you have had to mentor someone else. Assume that the person is a high potential top talent. At the point when you are providing guidance to this individual, you are both vulnerable. Sorry, not stupid. But, you have both chosen to downgrade your high ratings, and be willing to take from another, especially, even as you give.

So take work home, work remotely, break all the visible mirrors, but your phone, tablet or laptop will still show a reflection of the person doing the work: a picture of you or the quality of the work.

Work with “idiots”, even if you realize that person is you. You are on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. And as you learn to have patience with this newly discovered “idiot”, please do try to have patience with other “idiots” you may meet along your path in life.

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3 Things Your Business Needs to Succeed at Hybrid Work

For those who return fully to the office, the answer is likely a return to the old way of doing things. For those who decide to go fully remote, the answer is likely to completely embrace and perfect the systems that they’ve used to survive the past 16 months.

Hybrid work requires a unique approach that involves more learning, more planning, and more tweaking. And the 3 things that your business needs to succeed at hybrid work are;

  • A remote-first mindset.
  • A commitment to asynchronous work.
  • A workflow management solution.

A remote-first mindset.

Hybrid working is a lot like being friends with a vegetarian — you always need to keep them in mind when you’re making dinner plans. Embrace remote work tools, and plan every single meeting with remote employees in mind. Also, don’t forget to establish virtual touchpoints with management and mentors.

A commitment to asynchronous work.

Asynchronous work means working independently and on your own time. It simply means that an individual’s role in a task isn’t dependent on the presence or participation of anyone else.

A workflow management solution

Once your workflows are established, share them widely. Clearly defined workflows increase transparency, build alignment, and enable a remote-first approach. They tie everything together, providing a clear path to success for all employees.

If the above 3 things that your business needs to succeed at hybrid work are not sufficient, check below and read the blueprint for designing hybrid work policies.

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