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Work-life Quotes – Work Enabled Full Life

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Work-life Quotes – Work Enabled Full Life

Welcome to Work-Life Feed Work-life Quotes – Work Enabled Full Life/ Vera Wang


Career and WorkLife Blend of a Woman Business Leader – Blanca Juti

This is what I am discovering about the exemplary career and worklife blend of a woman who is a business leader, it stretches your imagination. And it cannot just be about work alone, it is about total life. For Blanca Juti, just after finishing a transformation work at her last role, she was anxious to learn new things. And she continues …

“Many times we want to be perfect at everything and so we are carrying guilt all the time. And I decided that I can be a perfect mum for five minutes. And then I can be perfect in the office for five minutes … I can’t be simultaneously good at both.”

Thinking it was a good moment in time to hand over the baton to my successor and take some time off. I was hoping to write a book as I have always done in my sabbaticals, this was my third. I took six months out and went to join my husband in Finland, hibernating in the north, and enjoying it.

But then, I started to get a few calls. L’Oreal was looking for somebody to drive a transformation in communication and public affairs. The rest as they said, is history.

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