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Naked Glow and Women Protection: In Catharsis – The Pain of Life in a Nation

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Work-Life Feed Catharsis The Pain of Life - Let It Go

Catharsis – The Pain of Life in a Nation

“Catharsis” by Tochukwu Orazulike in collaboration with Victoria Ndubuisi

Many times, we sit in silence
Imagining how strong you all are,
Yet a dynamo to your own sons,
With repressed emotion,
You shroud it while feeding on depression
Only so you can build their pride from your pain,
Whilst lingering in the dark for so long
That you forget how beautiful the light is.

Don’t forget who you are,
And always learn in all you do,
That the true morphe of life is “woman”.
And to anyone seeing this painting
And its message, remember,
The more you nurture this pain,
The more insanity becomes your drug to misery.


Tochukwu Orazulike/Victoria Ndubuisi

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“We sit in silence, suffer in silence and hope in silence. But truth cannot be silenced, forever.” – Work-Life Feed

“We sit in silence and watch the stars, I suppose because there are no words, not in all the languages on earth, that can properly describe the feeling of being in love. And perhaps those little burning lights out there in the dark, are the closest we come to something that does.”

Beau Taplin

Silent Nights – The Pain of Life – Life At Work, Our Work-Life

For countless nights, I sit in my room and stared in silence. Observing the stars that are now characterized by modern bulbs. With no sheep to count, having lost memory of what or who they are. A village boy, lost in the wild city, who has lost memory of the beauty of serenity. Life has become characterized by so many conflicts, internal and external, while places of refuge no longer holds huge hope.

The search for work, the creation of another life – worklife – the strangling of breath – yes, the last breath, out of our nostrils. Just because we needed it, and exactly when we needed it most. At Work-life, we experience denial of life-rights. Yet, we have a deep longing and quest for some more work and also freedom. We shiver in muted excitement at the sight of a little stack of coins, seated in front of bales of notes – glittering silver, copper or bronze styled coined reward and loyalty packages – craving to work out life at work, just to have a living, a life, a few more coins!

The Pain of Life Fight-Running The Rat Race

Who will give it or how are we to get respite from it? How are we to escape the lust for more of it? Our own demand for more of work, and less of life. A craving to reach the top, ahead of those others who are involved in the race. A crushing of opposition, of just mere men, humanity, women, and others – who also, are only striving to make life worth a living, by working life at work.

I will yet give myself a test, I will see if I will ignore the allure of money. I will get enough of it, and stop working for ever. You will see it when I have achieved it, when it all goes silent. My silent nights. When I will no longer need to strive again at work-life to live life and its allure.

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Catharsis - The Pain of Life in a Nation by Tochukwu Orazulike, in collaboration with Victoria Ndubuisi


I won’t stop until I change y’all perspective about women.
Too bad how fast we forget we are all sons to a daughter. Obviously, woman can be very complicating, But a good woman’s smile is worth more than gold.

A good woman. When it snows, she has no fear for her household. For all of them are clothed.
A good woman.
She is clothed with strength and dignity.

A good woman. She watches over the affairs of her household. And does not eat the bread of idleness.

A good woman. Her children arise and call her blessed, Her husband also, and he praises her.
A good woman.
She speaks with wisdom, And faithful instruction is on her tongue.

What more can I say, there’s more to life than we know.

“We can build a better world for our daughters”

Tochukwu Orazulike,;;


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Catharsis - The Pain of Life in a Nation by Tochukwu Orazulike, in collaboration with Victoria Ndubuisi


How blissful and serene music can be, It’s celestial properties are able to reveal The hidden glories of life, the universe, and everything, Liberating the soul from captivity.


The invisible pain you feel The pain that no body sees, The pain that your head feel The pain that makes you cry for it, You might look beautiful but feel pains.
This makeup is the a visual example of pains and tears

Victoria Ndubuisi;; Twitter @vickyndubuisi;;

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Catharsis - The Pain of Life in a Nation by Tochukwu Orazulike, in collaboration with Victoria Ndubuisi
Catharsis – The Pain of Life in a Nation – A depiction of the current mental state of a nation – the pain, the torture, especially the maltreatment against women, “the mothers of the earth” by Tochukwu Orazulike, in collaboration with Victoria Ndubuisi

A Make-up Effect: Tears and Blood, From Nations in Pain

Another amazing collaborative work from the stables of Victoria Ndubuisi.

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