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Worklife Balance Is The Biggest Challenge of Women – Your Voice Survey

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Work/life balance the biggest challenge as women make their voices heard

The outcome of  the inaugural ‘Your Voice’ survey, which was distributed to 7,000 members indicated that worklife balance is the biggest challenge of women.

The initial buzz around having home offices and Zoom calls has ended. But it has given way for considered thought and commentary around work, life, and the delicate balance between the two. […]

NOTES: Worklife Balance Is The Biggest Challenge of Women – Your Voice Survey

When asked to pinpoint the biggest challenge currently facing their business or career, 32 per cent cited worklife balance.

Almost one in three are struggling to maintain that sense of stability in a world where the very notions of office and family now live under one roof. A place where boundaries have blurred. 

The home working environments is not ‘fit for purpose’ for work. This left people feeling less like they are working from home, and more like they’re living at work.

Welcome to Worklifefeed Quick Excepts. Go to to view the full article on Worklife Balance Is The Biggest Challenge of Women – Your Voice Survey. Your Voice survey was coordinated by Women in Business. It was written by Roseann Kelly, the chief executive of Women in Business. To find out more information on Women in Business, visit or email

How Work-Life Balance Can Make You a Better Employee

Achieving perfect equality between work and life is a myth. However, and it is far more beneficial to focus on the quality of time you’re spending both personally and professionally, and not so much on the quantity.

When work is all-consuming, it can result in feelings of powerlessness and resentment. Getting back a healthier sense of work-life balance could help to better recharge. This can get back you in touch with the aspects of your job that you loved in the first place.

There’s a time and place for hard work, but always remember that at the end of the day, the best thing you can do is step back and give yourself a chance to reset.

Work-life balance is the key to avoiding burnout. When people sleep well, they have time to handle their lives, families, health and recreation, they are better rested, less anxious and more energetic.

When people have time to experience different things – outside of work and colleagues – they are more creative. Innovating and solving thorny problems requires lateral thinking. The stimuli that comes from reading, exercise, nature and having conversations with non-colleagues enhances that. Our non-work experiences provide more sources of ideas.

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