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Companies Are Fighting The Complexities of Hybrid Workspace

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One year of Covid-19 pandemic: Companies fighting complexities of hybrid workspace

A year after the first Covid-19 case was reported, it is obvious that the pandemic’s impact on the future of work and workplaces is here to stay. We can say that workspaces will never be the same again. But the new normal is not looking easy. Companies are still fighting the complexities of the new hybrid workspace model, trying to figure out what works best.

Although some businesses were suspicious of remote working arrangements for years, Covid-19 forced everyone to go remote. Many discovered that productivity remained steady even with remote working. However, for some, it led to a diminished client experience.

Employees raised concerns about loneliness, Zoom exhaustion, and the inability to distinguish between work and personal life. As a result, companies have begun to plan for a partial return to work after the pandemic.

Offices have now become a place that encourages a mixed community, with some employees working from home and others coming in on a flexible schedule. However, this new hybrid culture would require a new set of rules. For example, remote work requires more engagement. It will push up demand for new types of skills, and upskilling of old staff. Remote work will also make cybersecurity very vital for businesses.

The challenges of these new models are real, but so are the opportunities. Companies are looking at reduced real estate costs, supercharged productivity and better work-life balance for their employees.

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I Feel Like I Am Being Their Dad Rather Than Just a Parent

The wall of tradition is coming to an end, and millennials have cemented and taken on the mantle of gender equality. Fathers in general are more involved in their children’s lives more than ever before and now with the pandemic even more so. And they like it.

But women still carry out more of the responsibilities at home. Women still do more housework than men even if they earn more money than their husband. The scales of society rules are still tipped in man’s favour, but equality is in the pipeline.

Simple things like not having to be in the office meant not having to be out the door before the kids woke up.

Not having to do all that has allowed me time to have breakfast with the kids, which is something really small but now I couldn’t think of not doing that.

It allowed my wife to be more relaxed going to work, knowing that the kids were being looked after.

I Feel Like I Am Being Their Dad Rather Than Just a Parent
Fathers in general are more involved in their children’s lives more than ever before. And they like it. Photograph: iStock

For many dads who may miss going to the office, being present in the family life “certainly outweighs” the rat race which saw us struggling to get to the office for 8am.

The kids are enjoying having me around and I am enjoying being there and being more available for my family. These days, I am 100 per cent happier as a person and as a father. I feel sad in a way, and that is because, I wasn’t around far more earlier in my kids life, when they were younger.

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