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How Work-Life Balance Can Make You a Better Employee

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How Work-Life Balance Can Make You a Better Employee

There is a way somehow, how work-life balance can make you a better employee. More especially, if you feel like a hamster on a wheel at work, and your performance is lacking. That is another sign that it’s time to change gear, and realize how achieving a work-life balance can help you be a better employee.

But before you start trying to split your work and life activities into neat little blocks of time, understand this; “It’s no secret that the key to a successful career and happy personal life is being able to strike a balance between the two,” said Virtual Vocations CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn. […]

NOTES: How Work-Life Balance Can Make You a Better Employee

Self-love is the process of knowing yourself, connecting with your inner self, and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. It involves letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you, and falling in love with yourself.

Self-love helps silence the fear of rejection, our inner critic. But instead, self-love helps us to befriend rejection so it can serve us rather than taunt us. And once we have that done with, we develop confidence in what we stand for, when we know who we are from within. With self-love, we are able to let go of self-judgment, negative thoughts, and opinions. Including people who are not aligned with our positive future.

If you are not getting “No’s” as answers, you may just not be knocking on as many doors of opportunities as you should or can.

Some doors will open wide their arms-hinge with a “Yes, welcome in”. But many more will say “No.” Be grateful that they will not all slam the door at your face. And neither will any of them nail you in a confine, to stop you from pursuing other opportunities.

No, none of them can say, “this is the end.” So, keep pursing your opportunities, and do not stop practicing self-love.

We should learn to accept ourselves wholly for who we are. And when we do, people around us also start seeing us in the same light. Likewise, when we love what we do and do what we love, we are alive and soaring in all that we do. This further draws others with positive energy to us. Ultimately, that power of love for yourself, will not only elevate your relationship with yourself, but it will enhance and deepen your relationship with work, family, life, and everything else around you.

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What Is Your Reason for Leaving Your Job?

Giving your reasons for leaving a job helps interviewers determine what satisfaction and engagement at work looks like to you. It can also shed light on what your long-term career plan is and what you want to get out of a new role.

1. More responsibility and better career growth. Wanting to develop your skills can be one. Give examples of the kinds of skills you want to build on and tangible ways you’d like to go about doing it.

2. A career change. A new direction professionally, to find interesting and meaningful work.

3. Company reorganization. It’s helpful to give some examples as to why the new structure isn’t working for you. And what you’ve done to try and improve things and what you’d change. 

4. Better work-life balance. Try and focus on what you’re seeking for in the long term, whether it’s remote work, a four-day work week or flexible hours.

5. Relocation. Explain why you’re making the move.

Avoid launching into a barrage of complaints about your former workplace, colleagues or manager.

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