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Working From Home We Are Happier And More Efficient

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Happier and more efficient: our research shows working from home actually works

Companies big and small are plotting their post-pandemic working futures, and it seems likely that ever fewer of us will fully return to the office as it was before. Different research suggests there is a widespread appetite for a new paradigm. One that will have far-reaching implications for cities, businesses and people. Click to read; Working From Home We Are Happier And More Efficient on The Guardian

If the Covid-19 crisis subsides and economies can largely reopen, the experiences of so many people working from home over the past year will surely shape what happens next. For many of us, this could emerge as a return to the office for three days a week.

Patterns will obviously vary. But a common thread would be something like Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the office. And Wednesday and Friday at home. This is the classic 3-2 plan that large firms such as GoogleSalesforceFacebook, and HSBC have already announced.

This coming shift will largely be driven by employers making a calculation between two different, equally important forces. One is what companies see as the need for in-person creativity and connections. This is suppose to spur bringing people back into the offices. Since for many of us, we are at our most creative working face to face, meeting people, talking over lunch and coffee, or gathering in groups.

This is why some of the world’s most successful companies, build such beautiful offices. Leading companies want to lure their employees into work. This is because they believe that’s how to maximise their staff’s creativity and endeavour.

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