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Goldman Sachs Boss Says ‘Go Extra Mile’ Despite 95-Hour Week

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Goldman Sachs boss says 'go extra mile' despite 95-hour week

The chief executive of Goldman Sachs says it’s “great” a group of young analysts raised concerns about working conditions at the investment firm. But the Goldman Sachs boss still says, go the extra mile.

A group of 13 US employees mocked up a presentation in which they told of 95-hour working weeks and “inhumane” conditions amounting to abuse.

Boss David Solomon said in a message; “It’s great that this group of analysts went to their management.”

But he added that going an “extra mile” can make a big difference for the bank.

In his address to the investment bank’s 34,000 staff worldwide, Mr Solomon said he expected Goldman to continue to face high demand from clients and emphasised the need to meet the challenge, saying hard work brought rewards.

“Just remember: if we all go an extra mile for our client, even when we feel that we’re reaching our limit, it can really make a difference in our performance,” he said.

The analysts sent their complaints to bosses in February, but it only became public last week. […]

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