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The Best Strategies People Are Using to Successfully Work Remotely

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It’s not always a walk in the park, but more and more people are finding the best strategies and ways to successfully work remotely, especially during these pandemic times.

Working from home (WFH) has spiked during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns and stay-at-home directives. And while working remotely does come with many […]

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Tips On How To Be Happier At Work By LinkedIn Coach

The COVID pandemic has given employees an opportunity to rethink what they want out of life. Employees are eager to find meaning in their work and are willing to switch jobs to find it.

During COVID, our life has been a crisis situation, which makes job fulfillment even harder. People are realizing what’s really important and looking at their career and asking, ‘Is this all there is?’

The 5 Types of Work-From-Home Personas

A report by Steelcase titledChanging Expectations and the Future of Work pinpointed five patterns of work-from-home experiences (though extreme categorization) based on people’s behaviours and attitudes. It’s important to note that it’s possible for people to associate themselves with more than one of the patterns.

First is the Overworked Caretaker who miss the office for the opportunity it provides to leave home responsibilities behind. Then you have the escapist from hostile work environment, the Relieved Self-Preservationist, who sees the home office as the only safe place. Frustrated Creative Networkers are the individuals who are conflicted about returning to the office. For them, the home office is a suspension from normal life and work.

No matter how others feel, Autonomy Seekers finally got their freedom through the home office. They are thrilled to work at their own rhythm, without someone constantly looking over their shoulder. Enjoying a level of control in designing their own work experience and feeling a greater sense of wellbeing at home. They are sharply contrasted by those to whom, home office is a lonely cage, the Isolated Zoomer. This is a group that values the office because it offers a way to separate work and life.

People have responded to the pandemic in different ways. Demonstrating different personas can also be a coping mechanism that some deployed when the pandemic impacted us as individuals; and changed our work and work-life. Yeah, another way how the pandemic has impacted our work-life balance.

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