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Remind Yourself That There Are No Stupid Questions

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When you work together face to face with colleagues, you can easily learn from others by just observing and shadowing them when they perform their day-to-day responsibilities. You can also get quick responses to any questions. However, if you have to start a new job remotely, the top piece of advice is to be curious. Make sure to ask a lot of questions and remind yourself that there are no stupid questions. “I certainly bombarded my experienced colleagues with questions at the very beginning!” said Denise.

Sales rep Denise Hensen joined Personio during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, she shares how she coped starting a new job in a new country remotely, while being unable to get to know colleagues in the normal fashion.

For Denise, one of the most enjoyable aspects of work is really getting to know colleagues. That is why going remote was a difficult transition for her.

Now, she makes sure to have some nice coffee meetings scheduled throughout the week. At such meetings, she and her colleagues do not talk about business. They just use the time to make a real connection with each other and talk about how they are all doing. […]

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