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From Remote Life To Returning To Worklife Anxiety

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One year ago, the World Health Organization declared the spread of the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic. With that announcement the whole world changed. Widespread anxiety was induced by the pandemic and mitigation measures requiring social isolation have taken their toll. But now the pace of vaccine rollout is quickening. And many who have been “enjoying” the remote life and now dreading returning to worklife.

Those fortunate enough to work from home for much of the past year are also experiencing the new anxiety: the fear of returning to work. […]

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So some people are anxious about having to return to work in person? That’s rough. I’m sure there are plenty of involuntarily unemployed people who would be happy to go to those jobs in place of the anxious ones. They wouldn’t even need therapy to trade the anxiety of involuntary unemployment for the anxiety of going to a job in person and doing their very best at it.


Fears, fears, so many fears. And yet those who had to face the virus every day anyway somehow managed to put theirs aside and keep our country functioning.

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