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5 Tips to Help You Succeed in Your WFH Life

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For most of us, days have been looking quite similar. We wake up, work from home, and then go to bed. We have been following the same routine that has most of us stuck in our homes. And this has been for too many hours of the day. Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in the current Work From Home (WFH) scenario.

In addition, to further maintain our mental well-being and productivity, we must find ways to separate work time and personal time – even though they are so connected. We must find a work-life balance. […]

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Every morning, get dressed, get out of the sleeping clothes and set up each day to be productive.  

Since you already have your designated home office work space, update your day To-Do List, and start the day focused. You also need the dedicated home office work space so you can mentally shut down from work at the end of the day.

According to a Harvard Business Review, “Unless you are careful to maintain boundaries, you may start to feel like you’re always at work and losing a place to come home to.”

Take breaks, do what you love to do and that which makes you feel your best. During your breaks, get up and get out. Give your body a break. Do something to balance work and life, call a family member or friend. 

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How to Create the Life and Career You Want With Self-Love

Self-love is the process of knowing yourself, connecting with your inner self, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you, and falling in love with yourself.

Self-love helps silence the fear of rejection, our inner critic, and instead befriend it to serve us rather than taunt us. And we develop confidence in what we stand for, when we know who we are from within. With self-love, we are able to let go of self-judgment, negative thoughts, opinions, and people who are not aligned with us.

When we accept ourselves wholly for who we are, people around us also start seeing us in the same light. Likewise, when we love what we do and do what we love, we are alive and soaring in all that we do. This further draws others with positive energy to us. Ultimately, that power of love for yourself, will not only elevate your relationship with yourself, but enhance and deepen your relationship with work, family, life, and everything around you.

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