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Destructive Patterns That Wrecks Your Work-life Balance

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Do you feel burned out at work and guilty whenever you take your foot off the gas? Then, maybe your work-life balance is way out of alignment. Life isn’t all about work and making money. Your health, happiness, job satisfaction and motivation are also important. But there are barriers to overcome. There are formidable and destructive patterns out there that wrecks work-life balance that you need to face […]

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How to Encourage Female Leadership in an Organization

Consciously build confidence since women struggle with being confident (compared to men in general), even when they are highly competent. That confidence is required since self-promotion is often an essential tool for career advancement.

Stop the guilt. Find ways to support your work-life balance. Put in place a strategic network.

Define what success and career growth and fulfilment means for you. What do you really want from your career? You need to know that leadership roles in particular are demanding. So you must be sure you are willing to put in the long hours and make sacrifices which will be required from time to time. 

“… no one is perfect, so why should I be perfect? … I need to feel what uncertainty feels like … life is not a train, and (that) not everything is certain. You don’t just get told where you go, you have to make life for yourself. It is up to you to make it, … your career progression … Don’t wait for someone else to shape your life. It is yours”

– Blanca Juti

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How to Create the Life and Career You Want With Self-Love

Self-love is the process of knowing yourself, connecting with your inner self, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you, and falling in love with yourself.

Self-love helps silence the fear of rejection, our inner critic, and instead befriend it to serve us rather than taunt us. And we develop confidence in what we stand for, when we know who we are from within. With self-love, we are able to let go of self-judgment, negative thoughts, opinions, and people who are not aligned with us.

When we accept ourselves wholly for who we are, people around us also start seeing us in the same light. Likewise, when we love what we do and do what we love, we are alive and soaring in all that we do. This further draws others with positive energy to us. Ultimately, that power of love for yourself, will not only elevate your relationship with yourself, but enhance and deepen your relationship with work, family, life, and everything around you.

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