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Report Reveals Needs For Future of Work

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A new global report by Steelcase have some interesting findings for the future of work. The report reveals that the needs for the future of work will be hybrid. That doesn’t sound new. True. But that it will not just be a combination of a few days working from home, and other days working onsite, in an office. That employees of the nearest future will be looking for moveable, open and/or enclosed work areas when they return to the office.

This will not be a return to where we were before open office plan became the vogue. It will possibly be a hybrid within a hybrid. With more office space now available, why not share it around for some more comfort. Especially if office floor space cost has dropped further due to low occupancy.

Basically, it means that those who have been working remotely during the pandemic will be looking for something beyond ping-pong ball sets, coffee corner and the like. They will be looking for the comforts and convenience of home, blended with the community, cultural […]

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“… no one is perfect, so why should I be perfect? … I need to feel what uncertainty feels like … life is not a train, and (that) not everything is certain. You don’t just get told where you go, you have to make life for yourself. It is up to you to make it, … your career progression … Don’t wait for someone else to shape your life. It is yours”

– Blanca Juti

When Employees Design Work Of The Future

Emotional stress, including “stress from lack of control in the workplace or from life events,” creates susceptibility to physical illness. This was affirmed twenty years ago in a British Medical Journal article as summarized here by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Giving employees more control over their jobs does more than just reduce stress-related illness. It also decreases employee mortality. The key is empowering them to set their own goals, set their own schedules, prioritize their decision making and … have a voice in the goal-setting process.

Giving employees a chance to help shape the future of work will give them more skin in the game. It will deepen their connection to an organization. Finally, it gives them a sense of job ownership and control and will improve their well-being while benefiting the organization.

How to Create the Life and Career You Want With Self-Love

Self-love is the process of knowing yourself, connecting with your inner self, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you, and falling in love with yourself.

Self-love helps silence the fear of rejection, our inner critic, and instead befriend it to serve us rather than taunt us. And we develop confidence in what we stand for, when we know who we are from within. With self-love, we are able to let go of self-judgment, negative thoughts, opinions, and people who are not aligned with us.

When we accept ourselves wholly for who we are, people around us also start seeing us in the same light. Likewise, when we love what we do and do what we love, we are alive and soaring in all that we do. This further draws others with positive energy to us. Ultimately, that power of love for yourself, will not only elevate your relationship with yourself, but enhance and deepen your relationship with work, family, life, and everything around you.

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