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Giving Appreciation and Extra Pay is Good For Retailers Employees

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“Happy employees equal happy customers. It’s a linear relationship,” says Paul Warner Ph.D. At a recent Senate Budget Hearing, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek made a surprise announcement. The company said that it was raising its employee minimum wage to $16 an hour, from its current $15. Obviously, giving appreciation and extra pay is good for retailers employees.

This can be skillfully done by a retailer that uses an extra pay to convey appreciation. But if otherwise, an extra pay alone doesn’t cut the cheese. In choosing the hearing […]

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When Employees Design Work Of The Future

Emotional stress, including “stress from lack of control in the workplace or from life events,” creates susceptibility to physical illness. This was affirmed twenty years ago in a British Medical Journal article as summarized here by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Giving employees more control over their jobs does more than just reduce stress-related illness. It also decreases employee mortality. The key is empowering them to set their own goals, set their own schedules, prioritize their decision making and … have a voice in the goal-setting process.

Giving employees a chance to help shape the future of work will give them more skin in the game. It will deepen their connection to an organization. Finally, it gives them a sense of job ownership and control and will improve their well-being while benefiting the organization.

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