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Naked On The Internet: You Are Exposed!

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Can you truly be naked on the internet without knowing it? Only to be exposed, pants down when you least expect it. Oh, the internet knows literally everything about you, and your employers can too. Now hide. Wait, not so fast. Someone who is naked on the internet has no hiding place.

Do you also know what they say about a big digital footprint? That this will negatively affect your future and your job prospects. Every time you upload to Instagram, or Google that new slang word or make another late-night Amazon purchase, you may be leaving behind breadcrumbs of data that can be followed. […]

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The Work-Life Puzzle (Naked On The Internet)

Are you having Work-life frustrations, desperations, and constantly taking wrong steps?

Have you ever thought of having a Life Plan? Probably you have heard of Life Insurance. Uh hmmm – Life insurance, to insure an asset called life? A depreciating asset using accounting standards? Or an appreciating asset – real estate, paper assets (including stocks, mutual funds, index funds, money market funds, bonds, treasury bills, etc), silver, gold, copper, currencies (Cryptocurrencies, cash in divers global currencies), commodities, futures, etc.

Or you are like the rich, and your assets consist of business holdings (not a job), arts & antiques?

Do you consider any of your asset classes as the safest? Like, the ones that are known as risk-free assets such as sovereign debt instruments issued by governments of developed countries? Okay, maybe you even have a well-laid-out plan to double your money within a time frame of say, 7 years. For example, investing your money at a 10% or 9% return, and expect that your money will double every 7.2 years (72/10 = 7.2) or every 8 years?

Is all of these thoughts bringing you Work-life frustrations, and desperations, which is making you constantly take some wrong steps, or having a less than ideal personal life, work-life, or family life?

Working assiduously on all of the above asset class options, which of the items below would they have given you a safe, risk-free Life Plan for? Uncheck any of the boxes below that do not apply.

  • Family
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal Finance management
  • Secured Investment
  • Assured Job-Career Growth
  • Fulfilling Hobbies
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Early Retirement

Do you have all that is required for a Life Plan covered? Or, all that you have is an on the go, work-life continuity plan?

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