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Which One Is For You – Work-life Balance Or Integration?

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Snippet: It’s been about forty years since the term work-life balance was first used. Since then, it has been used broadly to refer to everything from the need for more leisure or family time to self-care.

Critics of the term say that it creates an artificial separation between work and life, as if work were not a part of life. Some others say it incorrectly, that it implies a zero-sum equation. One in which life loses out while you’re working, and vice versa.

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The concept of work-life integration continue to be popular in recent years. But what, exactly, does it mean, and is it a helpful framework to aspire to? Which one is for you, work-life balance or integration?

Why work-life integration is not a perfect solution

With work-life integration you could end up integrating work into every area of your life without integrating much of life into your workday. Or you may find yourself constantly thinking about work even when you want to pay attention to other priorities.

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Why A Work-Life Balance Scoreboard?

According to a Harvard Business School survey, 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week and nearly half said they worked more than 65 hours per week.

“… when the assumption that everyone needs to be always available was collectively challenged, not only could individuals take time off, but their work actually benefited.”

The EU Gender Equality Index 2019 focuses on Work-Life Balance (WLB). The EU WLB scoreboard cuts across three broad areas {paid work, unpaid work (care) and education and training}. These is presented with 15 indicators in six specific areas of concern.


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